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Marmoleum Tailor made

Are you looking for something unique on your floor? That is also sustainable and durable? Our Marmoleum Tailor Made selection offers you just that.

Our Aquajet technique allows us to cut the most detailed and beautiful design inlays into your floor. You you can have your own branding or any other design, created especially for your floor. Explore the options available below.

Marmoleum Tailor made

  • Museum of Water, Russia
  • Graaf Engelbrecht College, The Netherlands
  • Rijnstate Ziekenhuis Arnhem, The Netherlands
  • Panta Rhei Amstelveen, The Netherlands
  • Kindergarten Berlin, Germany
  • Spiegel Amsterdam, tailor made laser engraving
  • Sygehus Sønderjylland, Denmark
  • M HKA – Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen, Belgium
  • William Morris Gallery, UK

Aquajet cutting technique

Our very precise Aquajet water cutting technology makes it possible to reproduce the most intricate designs, logos, text or a piece of art using Marmoleum

Aquajet cutting machine
J De Bruyn Bespoke Marmoleum design RD116

Precision Design Cutting

A national distributor of Marmoleum, J De Bruyn, offers a precision design cutting service on tiles from 50mm to 900mm. Each design is cut into individual pieces which are then hand assembled into panels for easier installation.

To see the range of designs available, please download their brochure by clicking here

Let the floor stand out

Decorative flooring is an accessible and effective way to create an authentic look. Forbo Marmoleum flooring offers more than 300 colours to choose from, from colourful marbles to subtle concretes. Explore your endless design possibilities!
Get inspired by our Marmoleum reference projects

MHKA Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst
Marmoleum Solid 3724 XT hallway

Beautiful as well as functional

Decorative flooring can be beautiful and functional at the same time. Think about routing on the floor in hospitals or museums, or zoning to identify different areas of a building.
Explore more in our Marmoleum reference projects

Reinforce your corporate identity

Let your brand take centre stage in your flooring design. Working from almost any type of file, out Aquajet design team can recreate your company logos and crests at any scale.
Find examples in our Marmoleum reference projects

Fuji film logo Aquajet Arch28
Kindergarten Letten

Bring history alive

Bring to life patterns and textures of legendary artists.

See the example on the left of the William Morris Gallery. William Morris (1834-1896), was an English textile designer, artist and writer whose groundbreaking floral designs can be seen in furniture, wall paper, and now - thanks to our refined Aquajet technique - also as floor covering.

William Morris Gallery
Aquajet Bulletin Board LIKE

Tailor made Bulletin Board

Our Aquajet cutting technique can also be used to create striking designs on our unique pinboard linoleum, Bulletin Board.
Go to the Bulletin Board collection