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Combination and inspiration

Philippe Starck has designed a collection of three flooring systems; Vortex, Artist & Twilight. Each of them includes four separate components that can be freely arranged to create unique floor plans that suit your project.

Flotex by STARCK

There are three different design systems within the Flotex by STARCK range, each including four different components; a central design, a left & right transitional design and a neutral, semi-plain design.

Mix & match components to create the perfect floor plan for your project. Available in a wide range of contemporary colours, Flotex by STARCK designs will complement any interior design scheme.
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Combinations Fortex by Starck range
Flotex by Starck: flocked flooring for commercial interiors - Philippe Starck

Inspiration to suit all projects

The flexibility of these design systems makes combination possibilities almost endless. Some options are illustrated in this picture on the left side.

Inspiration with 5 components (10 metres wide)
The full pattern of the design system stretches ten metres in width if you associate from left to right, five components in the following order:
semi-plain design > left transitional design > central design > right transitional design > semi-plain design

You can also see inspiration for 3 components (6 metres wide) and 2 components (4 metres wide). These are examples to inspire you, combinations are endless - create your very own!

Full design system visuals
Vortex, Artist, Twilight

Flotex by Starck flocked flooring - Twilight, Artist, Vortex

Whether you're looking for something impactful or a more subtle, neutral design, there is a solution within the Flotex by STARCK collection.
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If you would like further inspiration or explanation on these unique design systems, don't hesitate to contact us or:
download this short guide

How to order

To ensure full colour matching, Flotex sheets should be installed in the same direction. Make sure the arrows on the back of the sheet are all pointing the same way.

Because of the freedom in the designs it is important to clearly indicate, which parts of the design you want to combine at the time of ordering.

For combined installations of a system in one room, all items need to be ordered at once to ensure full colour matching across all designs. A left and a right transitional design must be ordered, material cannot be rotated as this effects appearance and performance.

Flotex by Starck Wrong direction