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Coral logo

You only get one chance to make a great first impression. Which explains why our bespoke entrance systems are so popular.

The Forbo Coral textile range provides the choice of a printed or cut entrance system, and we can also create bespoke design entrance mats with our Nuway engineered range.

Bespoke Flooring by Forbo Brochure

Coral logo

Encouraging social distancing

To support our new world of social distancing we've designed a range of entrance mats to gently encourage people to keep their distance.

Our choice of four designs are offered at a special price as we’re not looking to make a profit from this, simply to support everyone's efforts to stay safe. Click here for more information

Coral Logo Covid Mats

Coral Logo

A logo mat that performs as well as it looks, Coral Logo is created to the same standards as our other entrance products, meaning it will keep its good looks while it keeps moisture and dirt for years to come. Coral Logo benefits:

• Makes a compelling first impression
• Visually appealing and functionally beneficial
• Sends a message to your visitors
• Reinforces your corporate identity
• Perfect for inside entrance and circulation spaces

Coral insert

Printed logo mat

• High visual quality with vibrant, attractive colours
• Ideal for complex designs with multiple colours
• Select from any of the colours shown below plus Pantone and RAL colour matching
• Stays flat on the floor due to heavy vinyl backing, meaning less trips,
• Long lasting and highly resistant to sunlight.
• Superb performance in removing dirt from shoes.

Our printed logo mat comes in 7 standard sizes (sizes with 2.5cm edge on each side) as well as special sizes up to 200 cm wide and 600 cm long (sizes without edges).

Standard sizes: 55x90cm I 105x155cm I 105x300cm I 155x197cm I 155x300cm I 197x197cm I 197x300cm

To see all the colours available in Coral printed logo mats Click here

Coral logo mat printed

Cut/Insert logo mat

• Perfect for heavy traffic conditions and gives maximum functional performance
• Choose any colour from the standard Forbo Coral collection for base background and logo
• Top performance due to use of Coral quality products
• Simple to combine as inlay in larger Coral installations

Coral Logo is available in sizes up to 200 cm wide and 600 cm long (sizes without edges).

For details of Coral technical specification and colours Click here

Coral logo insert mat


For entrances with extreme or very heavy footfall such as stations, airports, shopping centres etc, Nuway is the perfect entrance product. Nuway can be provided in all shapes and configurations to suit your entrance and can also be personalised with logos or design of your choice.

For more information, please email

Nuway White Water

Contact for more information.