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Going Round Moving Forward

Designing for longevity

Developing long-lasting, hard-wearing products that are perfectly fit-for-purpose is a key tenet of sustainable design. Learn how Forbo Flooring thinks long-term when it comes to our products and the planet.

Designing for longevity | Going round, moving forward | Forbo Flooring Systems

Designing, manufacturing and marketing for longevity makes a big contribution to the first of the 4 Rs of sustainability: reduce.

Longevity is a key component of sustainability. Of course, products that last for longer create less waste. But by choosing flooring that’s built to last, over time you also use less energy installing, removing and recycling products. Plus, you avoid the negative environmental impact of buying multiple newly-manufactured products.

At Forbo Flooring, we have created a one-stop-shop offering of any type of floor, to meet our customers’ exact demands. But it goes further than that: we operate a precautionary principle where we are always looking ahead to anticipate and overcome potential risks to make sure all our floors are safe and future-proof.

There are five main aspects to be considered when designing circular flooring. In a recent blog post we already looked at how Forbo’s careful selection of materials helps create longer-lasting products. But that is only one part of the puzzle. In this post, we look at the other factors in creating floors that are long-lasting, easy to maintain and stand the test of time.

Long lasting & easy to maintain | Going round, moving forward
Environmental data sheet example | Going round, moving forward | Forbo Flooring Systems

Transparancy for informed choices

Forbo Flooring Systems is committed to transparency for a number of reasons. Not only does it help us stay accountable with our sustainability goals – it also allows our customers to make informed decisions. Choosing the right floor for your building and environment means the floor is more likely to last longer, because it is fit-for-purpose.

Each one of our flooring products comes with a detailed environmental data sheet that is readily available online. Here, we provide full details of materials, acoustics, health aspects and finishes etc. so you can choose the right floor for your building, considering how it will be used now and in the future – so you can pick the most appropriate flooring for long useful life.

A focus on human health

It’s not just the health of the planet that we need to consider when designing the built environment. Interior architecture needs to be safe and have a positive impact on human health as well. Forbo Flooring is one of the few companies to provide information on the health impact of every one of our products – again, you can find detailed information on the product datasheet that comes with each floor.

Whichever product you pick, all Forbo floors are free from toxins and phthalates. This is part of our commitment to ensuring that people can safely use our floors for years to come.

Novilon Viva 5443 grey timber
Leeds City Museum | Marmoleum dula, real and Fresco in various colours, Aquajet cut | Forbo Flooring Systems

Custom flooring that's just right

Sometimes, your space needs something totally unique. Maybe it’s your company logo, a specific pattern or a floor to fit a distinctive space. Forbo can design custom flooring in collaboration with you so you can get the perfect floor first time. That way, there’s no need to settle for something that’s not quite right and have to change it again further down the line.

Easy to care for

In the circular economy, taking care of products to extend their life is a key principle. But how easy this is can depend on how the product is manufactured. Forbo Flooring Systems floors are designed with easy maintenance in mind, so that our customers can care for them and keep them good-as-new for years. For example, the Topshield Pro finish we have developed for our Marmoleum floors is stain-resistant and reduces scuffing and is also easy to reapply when needed, keeping your floors protected. The same applies to our Sphera, Sarlon and Eternal top surface finishes, each with their own unique features.

Additionally, Forbo’s high-quality entrance floors such as our Coral and Nuway entrance systems prevent dirt from being carried around the building. This keeps the rest of your floors in better condition and could reduce your cleaning and maintenance costs by 65%.

Coral II
First loose-lay sheet | Going round, moving forward  | Forbo Flooring Systems

Versatility through circularity

It is not uncommon for the purpose or usage of a building to change throughout its lifespan. This can mean that flooring that was once appropriate now needs to be changed. At Forbo, we have anticipated this and worked to create circular flooring solutions that allow the life of a floor to extend across multiple uses as it can be reinstalled and reused in different environments. We have installed over 1 million m2 of our adhesive-free Fast Flooring solutions, such as Allura Flex and Modul’up.

Going round, moving forward

As Forbo Flooring moves towards circular flooring design and strives to lead a sea change in the flooring industry, we have been sharing our journey and the core pillars of our circular strategy on our blog. Up next is the final blog post of this series, looking at how to best handle products at the end of their life through recycling and reuse.