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Transparency with every step


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third-party verified information

100% transparency for our customers

Transparency is critical to achieving sustainability. Transparency demands that companies share information about the contents of their products, how they are made and the impact they may have on the environment, users and the community. As early as 1996, Forbo Flooring Systems began working with Leiden University in The Netherlands, to establish a transparent overview of every possible impact of our linoleum products.

Today, we offer impact information for every Forbo product by Life Cycle Assessments and Environmental Product Declarations that are independently reviewed.

LCA is where it all starts

We use Life Cycle Assessments to identify and continuously improve our sustainability performance.

A life cycle assessment is a comprehensive system for measuring the environmental impacts of the life of a product. The measurement is standardized and equal for all types of products. While system boundaries, quality of data and weighting factors play a role in the overall assessment, our LCA's are accepted once they have been verified by an independent third party.

Data collected for the LCA during the inventory analysis is governed by a set of Product Category Rules (PCR). These set out what data should be collected and how, which calculations should be performed to produce evidence of climate impact, and how this information should be presented.

The inputs and outputs involved in the processes being assessed are combined to indicate the potential the product has for harming the environment.

LCA is where it all starts
LCA process elements

Quantified environmental data

An EPD provides a framework for measuring the environmental footprint of a building.

While LCA's are created for product categories, environmental product declarations (EPD's) go one step further by stipulating the LCA for one particular product. An EPD is accredited by a program operator, according to ISO 14025 and EN 15804 and is independently verified by a third party. Our EPD's are verified by UL Environment.

EPD's can be used by stakeholders along the supply chain to compare environmental credentials of products and make informed, sustainable decisions.

Forbo Flooring Systems offers complete Environmental Product Declarations for every product.

EPD download center
Environmental Product Declaration_Sphera Energetic floor

Healthy indoor environments

As our flooring is part of the indoor environment in which people live, meet and work, we ensure to design and offer products that contribute in a positive way to the health and well-being of the individual.

Health Product Declaration

We believe that human health and ecology should also feature in our assessments. Forbo Flooring Systems is unique in including human health and eco-toxicity impacts in our EPD's. We use the internationally recognized USEtox method to calculate and assess our products’ toxicity performance. Our Health Product Declarations have been created to further specify our products' low health impact.

  • Our flooring is guaranteed free of any banned toxics.

  • Our flooring have low to even close to zero product emission.

  • Our products are phthalate free.

  • Our portfolio offers proven solutions against allergens and fine dust.
  • HPD download center
Health Product Declaration_Marmoleum floor

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