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Allura Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Allura Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Forbo’s Allura luxury vinyl tiles collection offers you the asthetics of realistic, natural wood and stone floors whilst giving you the advantages of strong and durable vinyl: warm underfoot, sound absorbing, tough & durable, with easy installation & maintenance.

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Produced and designed in Europe, Allura offers eye catching design along with exceptional performance and sustainability credentials and is available in multiple formats from XL to loose lay.

  • Allura Luxury Vinyl Tiles
  • Allura Luxury Vinyl Tiles
  • Allura Luxury Vinyl Tiles
  • Allura Luxury Vinyl Tiles
  • Allura Luxury Vinyl Tiles
  • 63533_light timber_63534_light timber gradient
    Allura Dryback 0.7 fully adhered LVT

    Allura Dryback 0.7 DR7

    With the largest choice of shapes, sizes and colours, Forbo's Allura Dryback floors offer you total design freedom. This fully adhered LVT flooring solution offers durability, performance and reliability for applications of any size.

  • 63533_light timber_63534_light timber gradient
    Allura Dryback 0.55 fully adhered LVT

    Allura Dryback 0.55 DR5

    With the largest choice of shapes and sizes, Forbo's Allura Dryback floors offer you total design freedom. This glued-down LVT flooring product offers maximum certainty and good performance and is most durable and reliable for applications of any size.

  • Allura Flex_63675_63722_60356
    Allura Flex" adhesive free and tackified LVT

    Allura Flex 1.0 FL1

    Flexibility and durability, as well as true-to-life wood and material patterns, make Allura Flex a flooring system that delivers answers to many of today's key issues, such as limiting downtime, reusing flooring and minimising environmental impact.

  • Allura Flex_60375 grey collage oak
    Allura Flex" 0.55 adhesive free and tackified LVT

    Allura Flex 0.55 FL5

    Flexibility and durability, as well as true-to-life wood and material patterns, make Allura Flex a flooring system that gives you the design freedom to bring any interior to life. The dimensionally stable, high-quality Flex tiles address key issues such as reducing costly downtime, reusing flooring and minimizing environmental impact.

  • Allura Puzzle installation image
    Allura Puzzle puzzle connected adhesive free LVT

    Allura Puzzle PZ7

    Forbo’s Allura Puzzle vinyl tiles come in a unique puzzle-shaped 96x96 cm size and are designed specially for adhesive free installation. Thanks to its excellent dimensional stability, the intriguing puzzle tiles are perfect for adhesive free installation in busy traffic areas of up to 2000m2 without transition.

    Part of Forbo's Fast Flooring collection, Puzzle needs minimal subfloor preparation and can reduce installation time by more than 50%.

  • Allura Click Pro 63641 light serene oak
    Allura Click Pro click connected adhesive free LVT

    Allura Click Pro CL5

    Our Allura Click LVT collection offers a clickable design solution for any area up to 1000 m2. Allura Click Pro planks and tiles can be quick and easily installed without adhesives which makes it possible to re-use the floor and limit valuable downtime.

  • Allura Decibel_5404 natural antique oak
    Allura Decibel 0.8 acoustic LVT

    Allura Decibel 0.8 AD8

    The balanced offer of the Allura Decibel collection combines beautiful floor design and best in class impact sound reduction (19 dB) with excellent product properties. This makes the luxury vinyl tiles highly suitable for use in any demanding application where acoustic properties are as important as product performance.

  • Allura click Flexcore_60305CF5
    Allura Click Flexcore click connected adhesive free LVT

    Allura Click Flexcore

    Allura Click Flexcore integrates all the benefits of luxury vinyl tiles with a new flexible core.
    This revolutionary floor with Forbo's trusted easy click system, integrated 20 dB acoustic backing and flexible core requires no adhesive and can be installed on uneven subfloors.

Why Choose Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Allura for life

Life is a play with many acts. And every act needs a floor to perform on. Which is where the new Allura Luxury Vinyl Tiles collection shows off its ability to meet your creative demands and inspire. A flooring system that suits any scene imaginable. Allura is carefully designed to be flexible, easy to apply, durable and – vitally - give you the design freedom to bring any interior to life.

• Large print rollers reduce design repeats in the planks or tiles, increasing realism
• In-register embossing increases the natural look of the wood designs
• Increased dimensional stability supports creation of planks up to 180 x 32cm and 100cm x 100cm tiles, delivering stunning effects
• Advanced cutting for precise bevelling
• Matt finish for increased realism

• Superior dimensional stability for improved durability and ease of fitting
• Proven wear layer for reduced maintenance and cleaning

• Uses 100% electricity from renewable sources
• Ultrasonic cutting reduces waste to below 5% - much lower than traditional press cutting methods
• Produced in Europe; all components REACH compliant
• Up to 30% controlled recycled content and actual content per range published in our EPDs
• With our Back to the Floor scheme, we collect installation off-cuts from our vinyl floors, avoiding landfill.
• Our Allura Flex range can be installed adhesive free using the IOBAC MagTabs system. Find out more

allura 63406 (kr)

Where to use Allura?

Mix and match modular flooring

Particularly suitable for flooring in Retail, Leisure & Hospitality, and Offices but also for rental flooring, Education and Healthcare Facilities too. LVT is recognised as an easy to install, easy to maintain high performance floor covering that has the look and feel of its natural counterparts, be it wood, stone or any abstract material.

Available in multiple tile and plank formats, Allura can be combined with other Modular products in Forbo's portfolio. Combine with Coral entrance flooring system tiles (50 x 50cm) to keep all interiors free from dirt and moisture. Consider Flotex tiles for enhanced acoustic performance in Leisure and Hospitality or combine loose lay Allura Flex with Forbo's Tessera carpet tiles (both can be installed with our tackifier) in Offices.

Visit our segment pages for more ideas or Visit our References for more inspiration

Allura Flex_60064 whitewash elegant oak


LVT - Made with Passion

Unlike many Luxury Vinyl tiles, our Allura collection is designed and produced in Europe by Forbo, giving you the assurance that it’s fully REACH* compliant in terms of chemical standards.

How it’s made
• Produced with 100% renewable electricity
• Contains recycled material in the backing, with actual content per range published in our EPDs
• The excellent dimensional stability ensures safe and hygienic floors as dirt isn’t trapped in the seams

How it performs
• Allura is 100% phthalate-free and has low emission levels
• Available in natural stress-reducing designs and high LRV’s, selecting Allura means you are choosing to create better indoor and outdoor environments.
• Through our Back to the Floor scheme we can collect clean installation off-cuts of Allura and reprocess them to avoid landfil
• Our Allura Flex range can be installed adhesive free using the IOBAC MagTabs system. Find out more

*Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) addresses the production and use of chemical substances and their potential impact on both human health and the environment

Social accountability
We care for the people that touch our business, from employees to suppliers. That’s why all our UK manufacturing facilities and most of our sites in Europe are certified to SA8000®. The SA8000 Standard is one of the world’s preeminent social standards which aims to protect workers along each step of the supply chain and we are the only UK flooring company to have achieved this certification. Forbo was also involved in the development of BES 6002 (BRE’s Ethical Labour Sourcing Standard) and became the 1st flooring company certified to this standard.

Green certification
We provide Environmental Data Sheets for all our products. Feel free to download our EDS sheets and our independent EPD’s, please click here.
Visit our Sustainability section for more details on how we’re helping to Create Better Environments.

allura 63406 bleached timber

Made with passion

Allura, made with passion

Our Allura LVT collection is made with passion and knowledge and represents the next generation of LVT flooring. It is created for end users and professionals in the flooring business by our professionals in commercial flooring.

At Forbo, we study how people work, live and interact in today’s commercial interiors. We connect this knowledge to future trends and the changing dynamics of a building; we use our findings to innovate and differentiate our portfolio through design and function.

We solve today’s and tomorrow’s challenges by providing answers to key issues such as limiting valuable downtime, the re-use of floors and minimising environmental impacts.

We are passionate about design and the endless possibilities Allura offers, both as a stand-alone collection and in combination with other Forbo products.

Our employees are proud of their Allura LVT range, and they want to tell you about how they work and how the Allura collections have been created.

Visit our Allura made with Passion web page to see the stories of 6 Forbo employees, all with their own responsibility and experience in Allura Luxury Vinyl tiles.

European Production

Forbo’s Allura collections are produced in Europe using ultramodern production lines that deliver the highest quality product with an extremely good dimensional stability. Green energy is used in production and 100% recycling capabilities deliver the most sustainable alternative in LVT.

Forbo Allura is created around a glass fleece core which together with the intricate build-up of different layers, including a calandered backing, containing recycled content, result in a product base that delivers a perfect substrate for printing and embossing of the life like designs that have been created by our designers. All printing is done with water based inks and the wear layer is the same as that used for our project vinyl collections that have proven performance for well over a decade.

Watch the Allura How It's Made Video

Allura 2020 - Arjen Roelofs

Find your Allura solution

Find your Allura solution

Every project is different and has its own specific demands. This can be in relation to the subfloor, the volume of traffic that passes through, or the size of the project. Within our Allura LVT portfolio we offer solutions for all types of applications, including fully adhered vinyl tiles, tackifed loose lay tiles, click connected tiles and fully adhesive free tiles. Click on the images above to see the options.

How to specify your order?
Each of our Allura LVT collections has a unique identification number that indicates the function of the product:
● DR7 - Allura Dryback wear layer 0.70 mm
● DR5 - Allura Dryback wear layer 0.55 mm
● DR4 - Allura Dryback wear layer 0.40 mm
● FL1 - Allura Flex wear layer 1.0 mm
● FL5 - Allura Flex wear layer 0.55 mm
● CL5 - Allura Click Pro wear layer 0.55 mm
● CF5 - Allura Click Flexcore wear layer 0.55 mm
● PZ7 - Allura Puzzle wear layer 0.70 mm

Each colour has a colourway number, for example 60064. Add the code above as a suffix behind the colourway number to specify your required format.

Example: you want the whitewash elegant oak in Allura Flex with wearlayer thickness 0.55 mm: take the colourway number of whitewash elegant oak which is 60064, and add FL5 behind the number: 60064FL5.

Fast Flooring
Fast Flooring is Forbo's collection of genuinely adhesive free products including entrance products and interior flooring ranges in sheet, tile and plank format for maximum flexibility, including Allura Flex II, Allura Click Pro, Allura Click Flexcore and Allura Puzzle.

Our Allura Flex range can also be installed adhesive free using the IOBAC MagTabs system..

Allura 60375 grey collage oak

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