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Fast Flooring

Fast Flooring

The Future of Installation

A collection of genuinely adhesive free products, the Forbo Fast Flooring collection includes interior flooring and entrance products in tile, plank and sheet format for total flexibility. Fast Flooring products are super quick to install and are reusable.

Quick – many of the products can be fitted over current floors and, as they don’t have to be fitted with adhesive, they can reduce installation time by more than 50%

Easy – Fast Flooring tile and plank products click or butt together quickly and easily. With no adhesive required, they are easier to install. No adhesive smells, commonly less dust disruption, and floors can be walkable immediately after installation.

Economical – With hospitals, retail outlets and call centres offering 24 hour service, a decrease in downtime can mean significant savings. And as there’s no need to use adhesive, there are potential savings on installation costs. Savings are even greater when existing Fast Flooring products are replaced with another.

Sustainable - Fast Flooring products are easily removable without subfloor damage. The absence of adhesive residue also makes them ideal for reuse, helping to support the circular economy.

  • Fast Flooring
  • Fast Flooring
  • Fast Flooring
  • Fast Flooring

Why Choose Fast Flooring?

Install and walk on the same day!

The future of flooring installation has arrived and it’s fast and adhesive free! Forbo’s family of Fast Flooring solutions are adhesive free floor coverings, which are quick and easy to install whilst also being sustainable due to their re-usable and/or recyclable nature.

• Quick turnaround with minimal disruption
• No noise, odours or unnecessary closure of areas
• Floors can be walked on immediately
• Easy to remove and replace, without subfloor damage
• Available in a large choice of formats, designs and adhesive free installation methods

Developed as a portfolio to help overcome various commercial project challenges, from problematic subfloors to demanding project timescales, Forbo’s Fast Flooring offer is designed to help you choose which product is right for you and your project requirements.


Why Choose Forbo?

Why choose Forbo's Fast Flooring?

Forbo’s multi award-winning Fast Flooring solutions have already been installed across many retail, healthcare, education and office projects. Whether it’s sheet, tile or plank the portfolio offers maximum flexibility by providing a number of formats and installation options, from interlocking (click and dovetail) and adhesive free to innovative single or double-sided tape.

Use our ‘help to choose’ table below to identify the best solution for your next project - simply click on the image to enlarge:

To see our Fast Flooring in action view our Fast Flooring case studies

• May be possible to complete installations over a weekend or term breaks, avoiding the premium fitting costs over the summer break

• The speed of installation can reduce downtime by over 50% which is crucial in a 24 hour hospital environment

• The modular Fast Flooring products give easy access to sub floor services

• The speed of installation can minimize downtime which is crucial in a 24 hour environment

• Colorex Plus EC, Colorex Plus Basic Plus and Colorex Plus R10 are high performance flooring systems suitable for use by fork lifts

IHEEM Awards


Sustainability & Circularity

Eliminating the use of adhesive means, that at the end of their service life, adhesive free floor coverings can be easily removed, and many are immediately ready for recycling via our Back to the Floor scheme. The ease of removal also allows the flooring to be reused if needed, reducing waste further. And with no adhesive used, the substrate remains clean meaning the flooring can be replaced without time consuming and expensive subfloor preparation.

All of Forbo’s Fast Flooring solutions are produced in Europe using 100% renewable electricity, and in facilities that are certified to ISO14001. They are also all phthalate-free for healthier indoor environments and many are available in natural stress-reducing designs, with high LRVs (Light Reflectance Values) and are dementia friendly.

To find out more about Forbo's commitment to the environment and sustainable, circular manufacturing, visit our sustainability information hub

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End User Benefits

Reduce downtime.

• Minimal disruption and downtime as a Fast Flooring installation can save over 50% of downtime if a new sub-floor is not needed
• No need to apply adhesive so quicker for contractor to install
• No adhesive setting or drying times so quicker installation
• Floor is ready for immediate use after installation, no need to wait 48 hours before using with heavy traffic

• None of the usual adhesive constraints such as drying times and lingering odours
• Less dust, mess and a reduced environmental impact as no adhesive
• No adhesive so no possibility of adhesive failure giving you peace of mind
• Easy to remove, reuse or recycle at end of life as no adhesive residue on back of the material. Subfloor is left clean and sound for repeat installation
• If there is no need for a new sub floor, it means there’s no ‘wet trades’ on site
• Proven system with over 1 million m² installed of some Fast Flooring products such as Modul’up

• A Fast Flooring installation can reduce downtime by over 50% if a new sub-floor is not needed, thereby saving you significant money
• No adhesive so floors can be reused in other areas of a building or in temporary installations eg pop-ups, exhibitions
• Potential savings on future renovations as no costly subfloor preparation required on removal

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Contractor Benefits

Stress Free, Hassle Free, Adhesive Free.

• No specific subfloor preparation needed in many cases
• No need to apply adhesive so installation time reduced allowing you time to do additional projects

• No need to use heavy rollers on site - just standard installation tools
• No need to worry if adhesive has been applied correctly, giving peace of mind to you and your client
• No need to worry if anyone will be impacted by odours from adhesive
• Easy to replace a Fast Flooring product as it’s not adhered, and sub floor is left clean and sound for repeat installation

• Reduced installation time means you can quote for more jobs, which is particularly useful in the summer when schools refurbishment work is extensive
• Reduced installation time can mean that some installation projects can be competed over a weekend helping you win business from busy clients who want to avoid downtime

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