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Marmoleum a CO2 Neutral Floor

NEW Marmoleum Marbled

Defining natural spaces. Discover the beauty of a natural CO2 neutral floor covering. Our new Marmoleum Marbled collection enhances the classic marbled pattern with 5 intriguing organic structures presented as the largest sustainable floor covering bank. Additionally every square metre of Marmoleum' installed now contributes to restoring Australian native landscapes and local biodiversity click here for information

  • NEW Marmoleum Marbled
  • NEW Marmoleum Marbled
  • NEW Marmoleum Marbled
  • NEW Marmoleum Marbled
  • NEW Marmoleum Marbled
  • NEW Marmoleum Marbled
  • 3032 Marmoleum Real
    Marmoleum Real

    Marmoleum Real

    Marmoleum Real is our classic blend, consisting of many carefully selected individual colour tones that combine to create beautifully graded colours, from warm neutrals and calm greys to exciting brights and trend led shades.

    Developed to create choice, Real can be mixed together or combined with other Marmoleum designs to provide more imaginative compositions. Please note roll sizes may vary Order a sample folder here
    Australian stock Denotes Australian stocked item.

  • 3860 Marmoleum Fresco
    Marmoleum Fresco

    Marmoleum Fresco

    Marmoleum Fresco has a strong palette of subtly blended tone-on-tone items each creating a fresh, delicate and balanced aesthetic.

  • 3420 Marmoleum Vivace
    Marmoleum Vivace

    Marmoleum Vivace

    Marmoleum Vivace is our liveliest and most outspoken blend made with six to eight colours. The differentiated elements combine to create a chameleon-like floor covering that adapts well to a multitude of interiors, coordinating easily with many other surface finishes and colours.

  • 3428 Marmoleum Splash
    NEW Marmoleum Splash

    Marmoleum Splash

    Marmoleum Splash is a new design in Forbo’s Marmoleum portfolio. From a distance, Splash appears light grey with a slight nuance in tone, yet from up close, Splash is an overall light grey with hints of surprising colours peeking through.

  • 5802 Marmoleum Terra
    NEW Marmoleum Terra

    Marmoleum Terra

    Our most recently developed blend is Marmoleum Terra. A close, tight and highly contrasting structure inspired by igneous rocks, Terra combines a sophisticated small scale marbled structure with great soil hiding properties. Terra offers an authentic mix of colour, creating a versatile almost textile visual effect that combines well with other items in the Marmoleum collection.

  • Marmoleum Vivace 3405 Granada
    Marmoleum Marbled all colors

    Marmoleum Marbled color overview

    In this overview, you can find the complete Marmoleum Marbled collection, including all subranges Real, Fresco, Vivace, Splash and Terra.
    Order a sample folder here
    Australian stock Denotes Australian stocked item.

About Marmoleum Marbled

Defining Natural Spaces

Why choose Marmoleum Marbled flooring?

Inspired by Mother Nature's colour palette, our new Marmoleum Marbled collection incorporates 90 colourways and two new marbled designs that will complement any contemporary interior space.

● Manufactured from 94 - 98% natural raw materials, 72% renewable resources and 44% recycled and reused material
● Free from plasticisers and synthetic additives
● CO2 neutral* (net-carbon zero) floor covering solution
● Low emissions and positively contributes to a healthy indoor environment

● Largest sustainable floor covering colour bank.
● The softer, natural feel of Marbled coordinates well with woods and stones
● Its blend of colours provides versatility when combining with other surfaces
● The different patterns can be effortlessly mixed or used alone
● Beautiful organic structures create interest and bring uniqueness

● Proven durability and performance
● Easy to install with net fit seam technology
● Easy to clean and good appearance retention
● Naturally bacteriostatic throughout the product's life

Because of its special characteristics Marmoleum Marbled flooring is an excellent flooring choice for almost all application areas, including healthcare, aged care, education, leisure & hospitality and retail.

Marmoleum Marbled is also available in a variety of performance specifications, such as conductive flooring (Marmoleum Ohmex) and acoustic flooring (Marmoleum Decibel, Marmoleum Acoustic). All Marmoleum Marbled colours can also be ordered as a Decibel variant with 18 dB sound impact reduction performance.

*Marmoleum 2.5mm is produced CO2 neutral

Marmoleum Fresco 3271 & Splash 3430

Image gallery

Marmoleum Marbled image gallery

The blend of colours in the Marmoleum Marbled designs provide versatile floor designs - on their own or in combination with other surfaces. Click on the images below and get inspired by the design possibilities that Marmoleum Marbled offers.


Technical Specifications

Marbled 2019 Tech Spec Image

Installation & floorcare

Installation, Cleaning and Maintenance

We always recommend our Marmoleum products are installed by certified installers to ensure a professional finish and lasting floor performance. Our CONNECT installation program can match your project with skilled installers in your region.CONNECT PROGRAM Full installation and cleaning and maintenance instructions for our Marmoleum Marbled ranges can be downloaded below:

Forbo Marmoleum Sheet installation guide
Forbo Welding Marmoleum Factsheet
Forbo Marmoleum Drying Room Yellowing Factsheet
Forbo Marmoleum sheet & tile Floor Care

A full range of pre-formed skirting and corner pieces are available for all our Marmoleum products to ensure a smooth, hygienic finish to your floors. For more information visit our linoleum installation pages

To visit our full Linoleum Installation and Floorcare section, please click here

The appearance, performance and durability of the installed floor covering will be determined to a large extent by the quality of the prepared subfloor and the conditions in which they are laid. The installation of Marmoleum sheet should be carried out in accordance with the national code of practice for the installation of resilient floor coverings if applicable. Areas to receive flooring should be clean, free from other trades, fully enclosed and weather tight. Subfloors should be clean, smooth, sound and permanently dry.

Marmoform S inner outer corners


Marmoleum Marbled videos

Watch our Marmoleum Marbled videos where we explain about the designs, how it's made, the beauty of a CO2 neutral floor covering and our exciting new structures Splash & Terra.