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marbled all colours

Fresco: a strong palette of tone in tone colours creating a fresh, delicate and balanced aesthetic with a soft contrast and a refined marbled structure.

Real: the ‘royal’ classic blend of carefully selected colours, developed to create choice and mixes of colour ranging from warm neutrals to calm
greys as well as exiting brights and fashion shades.

Terra: a new design with exciting bright and on trend shades and highly contrasting structure inspired by ingenious rock types. It creates a sophisticated small scale marble with great soil hiding properties in an authentic colour mix.

Vivace: Marmoleums’ liveliest and most out spoken blend made with six to eight colours to create a chameleon floor that adapts well to a multitude of interiors.

Splash: a modern playful design which from a distance appears a contemporary light grey solid floor with a slight nuance in tone, yet from up close surprising colours are peeking through, offering great combinations of interior elements.

*Denotes Australian stocked item.

Australian stocked ranges product portfolio

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Marmoleum Marbled colour overview

    Technical & Environmental

    Technical & Environmental

    You can download the following Marmoleum documents here:
    Marmoleum Marbled, Solid & Linear technical specification
    Marmoleum 2.5mm floor fire report
    Marmoleum 2.5mm wall fire report
    Marmoleum slip report
    Marmoleum warranty statement

    Marmoleum Ecolabels
    Marmoleum GECA certificate
    Marmoleum sheet Environmental Product Declaration

    Forbo has a wide variety of promotional and technical documentation available for Marmoleum, including technical specifications and environmental datasheets. All documents can be found by clicking on the following link Download Centre

    Marmoleum Tech Specs


    AUS Product Portfolio 2020/21

    Installation & Floor care

    Installation, Cleaning and Maintenance

    Full installation and cleaning and maintenance instructions for our Marmoleum ranges can be downloaded below:

    Marmoleum Installation guidelines
    Forbo Marmoleum Sheet installation guide
    Forbo Marmoleum Drying Room Yellowing Factsheet
    Forbo Installing underfoot heating factsheet

    Forbo's Marmoleum are easy to clean and maintain, thanks to Topshield² that requires no initial maintenance or polymer application and can be repaired or refreshed in cases of accidents or after years of intensive use, and thus creating a floor that demonstrates a lasting performance over time.

    With the correct cleaning regime, our Marmoleum floor coverings will not harbor allergens or house dust mites.

    Marmoleum floor care guidelines
    Forbo Marmoleum sheet & tile Floor Care
    Forbo Marmoleum floor care using monel

    Forbo also offer Monel which is an effective, pH neutral all-purpose floor cleaner with a matte finish that protects all vinyl, linoleum, cork, laminate and timber floors, to find out more download our brochure: Forbo Monel pH neutral floor cleaner brochure

    To visit our full Linoleum Installation and Floor care section, please click here

    Marmoleum Installation

    Images & Video

    Marmoleum Marbled Images & Video

    The blend of colours in the Marmoleum Marbled designs provide versatile floor designs - on their own or in combination with other surfaces. Click on the images below and get inspired by the design possibilities that Marmoleum Marbled offers.

    Installed in iconic buildings and premises in Australia and all over the world, Marmoleum provides the foundation for high-quality design and healthy indoor environments.

    Take inspiration from our 100+ Marmoleum case studies


    Do you need more information?

    Do you have any questions about Marmoleum? Take a look at the Marmoleum frequently asked questions webpage or get in contact with us.

    Go to Marmoleum FAQ
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    LRVs & Dementia

    LRVs & Dementia Downloads

    Marmoleum Marbled LRVs & Dementia Download

    Having partnered with the Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC) for many years, Forbo now has over 1000 products accredited across the
    DSDC’s Class 1a, 1b and 2 rating system.

    For more information please click here

    30 step LRV rule

    NBS & BIM