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A Lightweight Rubber and PVC Belts suitable range of products and applications.

Transtex Product Finder for Dealers

Here you will find all Transtex Belting products with the opportunity to make a selection based on individual criteria and to compare products with each other. Detailed product data sheets can be accessed and downloaded on request.
The products shown are exclusively available to our dealers.

Product Finder


Forbo Movement System’s new Transtex Conveyor Belting leads the industry in the manufacture of a complete line of Lightweight Rubber and PVC Belts suitable for a range of applications including:

  • Food Processing
  • Airport baggage Handling
  • Package Handling/Unit Handling
  • Automotive

  • Agriculture
  • Recycling
  • Wood products
  • Oil Containment

We recommend that you discuss your specific requirements with a Forbo -Transtex Sales Representative to ensure that your selection provides maximum performance.

  • FTP – Plied PVC and Polyurethane style belting is designed for demanding applications such as systems with smaller pulleys, requiring less horsepower. Expect quieter operation, less edge wear and trouble-free splicing.
  • Interwoven PVC – Interwoven pvc with profiles of roughtop, crescent top, chevron top as well as mini roughtop
  • PHR® – Package Handling Rubber belting designed for quiet, long-lasting performance on high speed parcel and package handling systems.
  • PolarFlex® – Plied or interwoven PVC belting with a highly abrasion resistant thermoplastic compound with low temperature capabilities down to minus 40 degrees F (-40°F). PolarFlex products are used for abrasive applications and cold climates.

  • PRL® – Lighter weight Plied PVC and Polyurethane belting utilizing multifilament and monofilament fabrics for greater performance in lightweight applications. The low friction bottom reduces operating costs and its anti-static properties improves operator comfort and safety.
  • PVK® (FDI PH) – Interwoven PVC belting designed specifically for long belt life, reduced maintenance and downtime, and greater durability in package conveying applications.
  • Utility – General purpose rubber conveyor belting manufactured in a wide variety of traditional plied constructions.
  • Quiet Belt (QB) and NOVO series with needled fabric design for low noise, excellent tracking and superior mechanical fastener holding characteristics. QB is manufactured with a high quality PVC compound for long life and economical operation. NOVO is produced with a performance engineered Carboxylated Nitrile for exceptional abrasion resistance.

Cover formulations include PVC, Polyurethane, Thermoplastic Alloys, Synthetic Rubbers, and Natural Rubber are the foundation for optimum belt life. Special compounds for Oil Resistant (SOR, OFR and MOR), OSHA/MSHA (O/M), OSHA/MSHA + Oil Resistant (ORG) for grain elevators, Oil and UV resistant (Petro-UV) for Oil Containment, Fire Retardant (FR), High Abrasion Resistance (AR), Low Temperature (LT), and soft durometer PVC for high incline conveying (HI) are available to enhance belt performance. Choose from a wide variety of proven belt covers, colors and cover impressions. With Forbo-Transtex’s Lightweight Rubber & PVC products you have a highly engineered belt manufactured for your specific conveying needs.

Notice: Forbo’s Transtex Lightweight Rubber & PVC belting line provides data and specifications, written and verbal, as a service to our customers. As operating conditions and conveyor designs vary, system to system, no representation or warranty is made or implied by Forbo-Transtex that the representative data and specifications provided herein are applicable to any individual system. Forbo-Transtex does not assume any liability whatsoever in regard to its use. The buyer of Forbo-Transtex products should determine for itself the suitability of such products for the particular purpose of the buyer or the specific uses to which the product will be applied. Please contact Forbo-Transtex for determination of data and specifications for specific applications and designs: Belt Width, Belt Style, Working Tension/Fabric Style, Belt Compound, Top x Bottom, Belt Cover Color

To find out where your nearest Forbo-Transtex Belting Distributor is located, please visit contact our Sales/Service Department at: (800) 922-1735