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Melt Splice Procedures: Special Heating Tools

Extraordinary cases require an extraordinary partner.

You're a special case?
Then this is the right place to come.
Because these tools are only used in special cases for ...

  • large belt widths/where fitting space is tight
  • on-site belt repairs
  • timing belts

Special heating tools for melt splices

Special heating tools are used for special applications, belt repairs and for splicing timing belts. The SM-HD-110/2000 heating tool is for melt splices on machinery where normal heating tools cannot be used because of space and weight. Tools in the SM-RD-120/... series are used above all in belt repairs, while special SMX-HP-150/...-PP tools are used for splicing timing belts.

Heating tool for butt splices
Repair heating devices
Special heating devices for melt splices

Type key

* SM = splicing tools for melt splices
SMX = special splicing tools for melt splices
*2 HD = heating tool
BD = heating tool for butt splices
RD = repair tool
HP = heating press
*3 PP = Siegling Proposition timing belt

Type Key Special Heating Tools