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In splicing we differentiate between the three procedures: Bonded Splice Procedures, Melt Splice Procedures, Mechanical Splice Procedures
and offer the appropriate tools.

Bonded Splice Procedures

Heating press for bonded splices
Heating press for bonded splices 2

Type key

* SB = Splicing tools for bonded splices
*2 HP = Heating press

Type Key Bonded Splicing

Melt Splice Procedures

Splicing Techniques: Melt Splice Procedures

Heating tools for melt splices

In melt splices the tools are classified according to the specific applications they are used in.

Heating Clamps
Hot Presses
Special Heating Tools

Depending on the belt type, the heating tools can be used for Z-splices, Z-overlap splices, overlap splices and for splicing timing belts in different applications.

Heating clamp V type

Mechanical Splice Procedures

Mechanical Splice Procedures

Tools for mechanical fasteners

Machine downtimes require rapid assistance.

For exchanging the belt easily and simply

Fitting tools for mechanical fasteners are used in all belts. Without dismantling parts of the machinery they are quick to insert and remove especially for belt repairs. The tools, independent of each of their working widths, are suitable for all material widths, as the belt can be moved on in the tool.

Fitting tool for mechanical fasteners

Type key

* SC = fitting tools for mechanical fasteners
*2 RL = rolled splice tool
FS = comb

For the combs the additional designation means
1 = HS00, HS02, HS03, HS17, HS18, HS19
2 = HS01, HS12
3 = HS05, HS06, HS11
4 = HS09

Type Key Mechanical Splices