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The Eternal Material vinyl collection presents a modern range of different designs based on popular flooring materials like stones, metals and marble. We offer some classic structures and introduce new variations. These floorings can be perfectly combined with our Eternal Wood and Eternal Colour collection.


Eternal Material


W każdym momencie. Każdego dnia.

Forbo’s Eternal flooring collection offers an extensive range of realistic designs, a broad palette of colours and imaginative digitally printed visuals designed to inspire. Eternal design vinyl sheet meets all the functional and practical requirements demanded in various segments.

Leisure & Hospitality
Eternal offers you what is probably the largest range of inspiring material and abstract flooring designs that you can find in the market today.

Elderly Care
Eternal flooring makes private- and community spaces, reception and food courts like intimate areas with a natural look that feels like home.

Whether you consider the entire floor or focus on a shop in shop concept, Eternal will leave you with plenty to choose from to create a stunning retail environment.

The learning environment requires low maintenance, hardwearing floor that keeps up its good looks for years on end.

Health care
Eternal fulfills the 3 key criteria for healthcare flooring; assuring hygiene, helping to control bacteria growth by providing ease of cleaning & maintenance.

Create an office which is not just a place to work but create a surrounding to amplify equilibrium between thought and inspiration. Eternal might just do that.

Why every moment of the day? We will give you an example:

• Leisure & Hospitality
Waking up in a hotel room
07:00 AM

• Education
Bringing the little one to daycare
08:00 AM

• Office
Going to the office
09:00 AM

• Healthcare
Working at the doctors’ practice
10:30 AM

• Retail
Buying a gift for my beloved one
02:30 PM

• Leisure & Hospitality
Relaxing at the yoga studio
04:00 PM

• Leisure & Hospitality
Having a romantic dinner together
07:00 PM

Eternal segments


O wykładzinie Eternal

Eternal to wykładzina, która jest niezawodnym, trwałym i pewnym rozwiązaniem podłogowym na lata.

Eternal Material 10032 & Eternal Colour 45132

About Eternal Material

Eternal Material

The Eternal Material vinyl sheet collection contains different designs based on popular flooring materials like stones, metals and marble. It offers a soft, elegant look and feel in every environment on every moment of the day.

The new concrete design with a convincing concrete embossing structure forms one of the highlights in this Material collection. It has a good balance of warm and cool grey colour tones. Marble design is a continuous trend, so we created our first marbled designs in this Eternal heterogeneous vinyl collection. White and black marble could be combined for inserts or zonings.

The new terrazzo design can be customized by using your own preferred colours.

Eternal Material 10182


Eternal Material floor coverings

Browse our image gallery for more inspirational ideas on using Eternal Material.


Vinyl flooring installation

A high quality installation is essential to ensure a durable lifetime of your Eternal floor. There are several things to take into account when you are going to install a vinyl floor. We offer you a document, which explains this process in more detail:

How to install Eternal vinyl sheet

Forbo Flooring Systems offers an assortment of high quality installation products and tools, which helps you obtaining the desired result. Please go to our Installation & Floorcare page for more information.


Technical specifications

Eternal Technical Specifications



Are you interested in one of the Eternal vinyl sheet collections or do you need more information provided by one of our vinyl flooring experts? Please contact your local sales organization.