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Tessera Planks

A Tessera Layout & Outline 50x50 modulszőnyeg sikerének köszönhetően 100x25 cm-es mérettel bővítettük a választékot, hogy még több lehetőséget nyújtsunk a lenyűgöző padlók kialakítására. A kollekció 14 kifinomult egyedi színből és 4 lineáris dizájnból áll, amelyek végtelen lehetőségeket kínálnak a keveréshez és az illesztéshez.

  • Tessera Planks
  • Tessera Planks
  • Tessera Planks
  • 2108 Tessera Layout tabletop
    Tessera Layout & Outline Planks

    Tessera Layout & Outline Planks

    A Tessera Layout & Outline deszka 100% -os oldat festett poliamid 6-ot tartalmaz, és megfelel az M12 puha padlóburkolatok Ska minősítési kritériumainak.

  • 3200 Tessera Seagrass
    Tessera Seagrass

    Tessera Seagrass

    Tessera Seagrass presents a sophisticated range of plank-sized carpet tiles with a linear Seagrass design. Ranging from light to dark, Seagrass is offered in planks of 100x20 cm which allows for a variety of creative floor designs.

About Tessera planks

Tessera carpet planks

Modular flooring is continuing to increase in popularity as tile and plank formats allow specifiers to create the flooring of their choice, ranging from colourful and complex designs to minimal, sophisticated aesthetics.

Layout & Outline
The dynamic colour palette of Layout is hugely versatile featuring a comprehensive choice of modern neutrals in combination with diverse and directional brighter shades. Colours can be used independently or in combination with each other.

Outline is a subtly textured striped loop pile carpet tile and each colourway is perfectly matched to 2 Layout colours. Combinations of Outline and Layout offer complete freedom of expression and are great for creating connections, highlights and transitions in any flooring scheme.

Basis Pro Phase
Basis Pro Phase planks offer a myriad of design possibilities with their contemporary transition stripe design and the 6 neutral and 6 highlight options. Tessera Basis Pro Phase shares the same base construction and yarn colours with Tessera Basis Pro tiles, allowing the two ranges to be seamlessly combined to easily create versatile and flexible workspaces.

The graduating colour design across the width of the 100x25 cm plank gives options for colours to fade in and out, going from light to dark and back again, or to simply randomise the planks to create interesting fading and non-fading combinations.

Tessera in combination with Allura Flex
Forbo’s Tessera carpet tile collections and Allura Flex LVT ranges are designed to be installed together allowing quick and easy installations.

Tessera Basis Pro Phase


Closing the loop

Our Tessera carpet tiles and planks are not only synonymous with quality, we are always looking for ways to improve our production processes and product constructions to make our tiles more sustainable.

50% Recycled content
By challenging the way tufted carpet tiles are made, our UK-produced Tessera tiles now boast over 50% recycled content.

Reduced tile waste by 80%
We use innovative ultrasonic blades to cut our carpet tiles, which reduces tile waste by 80% compared to the standard technique. And our new extruder creates a closed loop process, ensuring that the little waste we generate is recycled back into the product.

Reduced amount of virgin materials
We are reducing the amount of virgin materials we use. For example, instead of throwing away yarn ends, we rewind them and tuft them into our Tessera range. We even have several ranges made with up to 100% ECONYL® regenerated yarn.

Quick and easy to clean
Our carpet tiles are quick and easy to clean using a system called Dry Fusion, which uses heat, a little water and natural, organic cleaners. So you can use less water and fewer chemicals without compromising appearance.

Reduced fitting waste
Following Green Design principles, our innovative random-lay carpet tiles reduce fitting waste to less than 2%. And any Tessera fitting waste can be collected for recycling at our plant near Preston, Lancashire, where it is processed back into new carpet tiles.

Carpet recycling UK
As a founder member of Carpet recycling UK, we are also working to ensure that at the end of life our carpet tiles can be recycled or reused.

Tessera Layout & Outline planks

EPD & Labels

100% transparency in the EPD

To prove the eco-friendliness of our carpet tile products, Forbo uses several assessments. The first is the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) technique resulting in an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). This declaration, which is transparent and third-party verified, is based on a technique to assess environmental impacts associated with all the stages of a product's life from raw material extraction through materials processing, manufacture, distribution, use, repair and maintenance, to ultimate disposal or recycling.

This technique takes all the following aspects into account: environmental impact of raw material acquisition, energy use and efficiency, content of materials and chemical substances, emissions to air, soil and water and waste generation.
View the EPDs of our Carpet Tile products

GUT Label
Forbo Flooring carpet tiles have received the GUT label. This means all Tessera ranges have passed the latest and severe testing on chemicals and emissions to ensure consumers safety.
Download here more information about the GUT label
View the GUT certificates of our Carpet Tile products

Environmental Product Declaration

BIM models

BIM models

Forbo supports professionals who work with BIM by offering free high quality BIM objects for most flooring products in our portfolio.
You can download the BIM objects from the Forbo page on the BIM Object platform or by clicking on the collection of your choice below.