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4. Long lasting & easy to maintain

Highly durable and fit-for-purpose solutions

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Floors designed with a purpose

To truly go round, we offer a wide choice of floors that are designed with a purpose. For us, that means offering a wide flooring choice; from floors that are made for short-term use to flooring solutions that are designed to perform for more than 25 years. These long-term solutions are designed to stay cleaner for longer – so you can spend time on more important things and reduce cleaning costs by up to 65%.



Sustainability and longevity go hand in hand – the less energy we spend creating, installing, removing, repairing and recycling products, the less energy we use overall. That is why our flooring solutions are made to withstand stressful environments in addition to being easy to clean, thereby significantly reducing your cleaning costs.

We also offer short-term solutions that can be used over and over again.

Meet the circular economy

Fast Flooring

Fast Flooring is Forbo’s collection of genuinely adhesive-free floor coverings, including entrance flooring and interior flooring ranges, in sheet, tile and plank format for maximum flexibility. Quick, easy and economical. It makes fast fit flooring ideal to suit the needs of a circular economy.

Fast Flooring solutions

  • 50 %

    Fast Flooring installation can save over 50% of downtime if a new sub-floor is not needed. This saves you significant money.

  • 48 h

    Floor is ready for immediate use after installation, no need to wait 48 hours before using with heavy traffic.

  • 1 mil.

    Proven system with over 1 million m² installed of some Fast Flooring products such as Modul’up.

Custom flooring

Fit-for-purpose and limited waste

We understand that some floors need a design statement with a personal touch. With our Custom Flooring programme, you can design a floor with zebra print, create a floor with a company logo matching the corporate colours or cut out special patterns on the floor. Custom flooring that is designed to fit can even decrease installation waste.

We offer a large library of designs of which some can even be recoloured according to your choice. In addition, we offer you the option to cut shapes to create a unique floor design with, for instance, signing, borders, way finding and fun elements. If you want something truly personal you can also make your own design. Together with us you can choose and design your ultimate dream floor across many types of flooring.

To give you an idea of all the possibilities, we created our Custom Flooring magazine. Click on the link below to take a look at the magazine.

Discover Custom Flooring
Allura flooring

Better floor for longer

All our products have low emission properties, supporting a good indoor climate. It's important to follow some simple guidelines that will help keep the beauty of your floor for longer.

An important element in the Forbo Triangle is the entrance flooring solution. When you are using a high-quality entrance floor like our Coral entrance systems, you will have less dirt on the floor and therefore you can potentially reduce your cleaning and maintenance costs by 65%.

When you can consider all elements of the triangle, Forbo floor coverings will do the rest.

Transparency in every step

Including 3rd party reviewed EPDs for textile, vinyl and linoleum

Being transparent is one of the key elements of our sustainability strategy and therefore we would like to have evidence that our flooring is truly sustainable, both for the planet as well as for our health. Multiple reports have been created for this purpose.

A Life Cycle Assessment measures the environmental performance of a product.

An Environmental Product Declaration contains the LCA for one particular product.

A Health Product Declaration specifies our products’ health impact.

Find out more about LCA, EPD and HPD
Creating better environments

How we deal with building challenges