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Bulletin Board

Our Bulletin Board pin board linoleum offers a practical, simple solution to collect and exchange thoughts and ideas whenever people plan, create and meet. Bulletin Board is an all-natural material that can be applied in framed or mounted pin boards or directly to the wall. Its surface is tactile & colorful, creating a decorative element in your space.

  • Bulletin Board
  • Bulletin Board
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    Bulletin Board

    Bulletin Board

    Bulletin Board, for your thoughts...
    Bulletin Board is the ideal material for pin boards, notice boards and all other surfaces where ideas and information are exchanged.

Wall solutions

Wall solutions

Bulletin Board is supplied in rolls of up to 28 metres long and 1.22 metres wide, making it suitable for large installation in for example conference rooms or alongside corridors. 3 colors are also available at 1.83m wide.

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Furniture solutions

Furniture solutions

Bulletin Board provides ideal solutions to the modern sustainable office environment where separation walls or furniture elements can double as functional information carriers.

Bulletin Board furniture application


Installation Guide

In order to get a perfect floor it is important to prepare and to pay attention to a proper installation of the floor covering. Forbo offers an assortment of high quality installation products and tools, which helps you obtaining the desired result. Key factors for successful installation of a floor are:

Jobsite Conditions
Areas to receive material should be clean, fully enclosed and weather tight with the permanent HVAC in operation. A minimum temperature 68º F (20º C) should be established at least seven days prior to beginning the installation, maintained during the installation, and for at least seven days following the installation. The installation should not begin until the work of all other trades has been completed, especially overhead trades. Any areas to receive material should be adequately lighted to allow for proper inspection of the substrate, installation, seaming and for final inspection.

Material Storage and Handling
Areas where materials are to be stored should be a stable, conditioned environment as described under the Jobsite Conditions section. All materials and adhesives should be acclimated to these conditions for at least 48 hours prior to the installation. Material should be delivered to the job site in original, unopened packaging, with all labels intact. All rolls should be stored standing upright, labels up, to ensure that the color, roll and batch numbers can be easily read.

Adhesive Application
Proper adhesive application is essential for achieving a secure bond. Bulletin Board must be installed into wet adhesive. Always conduct adhesive mat bond tests before beginning the installation. Bond testing will aid in identifying both the working characteristics of the adhesive (open time and working time) for the site conditions, and also any potential bonding problems. Forbo recommends to use our L910W adhesive for any Bulletin Board installation. Place the material into the adhesive and roll while the adhesive is still wet enough to achieve a 90% - 100% wet transfer of adhesive to the material backing. Never allow the adhesive to dry to a point that wet transfer to the material backing does not occur.

Bulletin Board Installation Guidelines

Technical Information

Technical Specifications

Forbo has a wide variety of promotional and technical documentation available for each of its products. The documents can be found by going to the product selection of your choice. You are then able to download the related documents. Download center

You can also immediately download the Bulletin Board and Bulletin Board Adhesive technical information here.

Bulletin Board
Technical Data Sheet

Bulletin Board Adhesive
L 910W Technical Data Sheet
L 910W Technical Data Sheet (French)
L 910W Technical Data Sheet (Spanish)
L 910W SDS

US Commercial Warranty
CA Commercial Warranty (French)
CA Commercial Warranty

Bulletin Board HPD

Bulletin Board documentation

Why choose Bulletin Board?

Bulletin Board, for your thoughts...

Natural & durable
Bulletin Board is produced from natural and renewable raw materials. A combination of oxidized linseed oil, rosin and finely ground cork gives Bulletin Board its flexibility and resilience. This combination results in a product with exceptional durability & a sustainable footprint.

Self-healing properties
Its strength and resilience make Bulletin Board the ideal material for pin boards, notice boards and all other surfaces where ideas and information are exchanged. The board material retains its grip and doesn’t crumble like traditional soft boards as the pinholes close after extraction of the pins.

Practical & hygienic
Bulletin Board does not attract dust and has bacteriostatic properties. This makes it a practical solution in classrooms and a hygienic choice in healthcare environments where ‘get well’ messages can be pinned behind the bed.

Bulletin Board 2187 & 2211

EPDs and HPDs