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Retail - Entrances flooring

First impression of your store

Coral Click

Safely and beautifully keeping the dirt outside

Everybody knows that feeling of pride and pleasure that comes with walking on a newly installed and clean floor. And the disappointment as it then becomes dirty and worn. There’s a way to keep your floor and premises looking clean and presentable year in year out, as well as a way to offer your visitors and employees a safe and hygienic environment. All you need is a proper well thought through entrance floor. This is why we invented our Coral and Nuway Entrance Flooring Systems.

Reducing slips and trips
Entrance matting used in the main entrances removes dirt and moisture from soles of shoes and wheeled traffic ensuring a clean, tidy and safe welcoming area for visitors.

First impressions count
The entrance can be personalised with a logo or welcome message, creating a professional and welcoming entrance area unique to the shop or retail formula.

We bring in many years of retail experience
We make entrance systems, resilient and textile products so Forbo understands the impact of a total solution. We offer impartial advice on how best to plan the size and design of your entrance area and how an effective entrance can save on cleaning costs in the long run.

Independent research shows that 6 metres of Coral can stop up to 95% of dirt and moisture entering a building

Products to use:

  • Coral

    Coral Entrance Flooring

    The first steps in protecting your building


    The first steps in protecting your building. By stopping up to 95% of walked in dirt and moisture, our Coral entrance floors can prolong the life of your floor as well as greatly reduce cleaning costs and the risk for slipping. With almost 50 years of experience, Forbo Coral offers you the best entrance flooring solution for your entrance area. Check out our different Coral ranges below.

  • Entrance Flooring Nuway

    Nuway Entrance Flooring

    Outstanding first line of defence


    No entrance area is too big, too small or too awkwardly shaped for a Nuway rigid entrance matting system. No level of traffic is too heavy and no level of soiling is too high. Whatever type of rigid engineered system you have in mind, Nuway's experienced sales and technical teams can guide you to a solution tailored perfectly to your needs. Nuway offers a wide range of rigid single and double sided made-to-order mats which provide an outstanding first line of defense against soil & moisture entering your building.