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Luxusní vinylové dílce

Allura Colour | Colour Plus

Dílce Forbo Allura Color jsou unikátní lisované dílce o vysoké hustotě mající homogenní složení, které zajišťují vynikající funkční podlahu pro vysoce zátěžové prostory. Odolné dílce kombinují úžasný vzhled s efektní pokládkou a údržbou. Ideální jsou pro náročné kancelářské prostory a oblast maloobchodu. Allura Color je dostupná ve variantě k lepení nebo se spojovacím systémem (řada Allura Color Plus), která nabízí ještě rychlejší instalaci.

  • Allura Colour | Colour Plus
  • Allura Colour | Colour Plus

About Allura Colour

Allura Colour high density pressed tiles

Allura Colour tiles offer rapid loose lay or glue down flooring solutions with a touch of class. The durable tiles combine great looks with efficient installation & maintenance. Ideal for demanding environments.

Why choose Alllura Colour tiles?

• Made by Forbo with proven Colorex technology
• Balanced range of colours for multiple applications
• Suitable for wheeled traffic and heavy loads
• Available as interlocking and glue down version

and for Allura Colour Plus:

• Superior locking strength
• Integrated invisible locking system
• Quick installation while business continues
• Integrated moisture management system
• Ideally suited for renovation projects directly covering ceramic or resin floors
• Quick installation of up to 20m2 per hour

Read more about Allura Colour Plus

Allura Colour C68014

Invisible locking system

Allura Colour Plus: Invisible locking system

Allura Colour Plus offers a high quality, rapid and permanent flooring solution for demanding environments, ready to use after installation.

The high density pressed interlocking vinyl tiles are made with Forbo’s proven Colorex technology of pressed vinyl tiles mounted on an invisible, strong and durable interlocking system.

A PUR finish protects the surface and a balanced range of colours make the range suitable for a wide range of applications.

The invisible dove tail construction of Allura Colour Plus ensures a strong and stable connection which can withstand high traffic and intensity of use.

A moisture control system prevents buildup of mold and bacteria, keeping the subfloor dry in cases where high spillage of fluids occurs. Allura Colour Plus tiles can be welded for high spillage areas.

Allura Colour Plus locking system

Technical specifications

Allura Colour

Committed to the Health of One

Committed to the Health of One

At Forbo Flooring Systems we aim to create better indoor environments. Floors that are safe, hygienic and comfortable contribute to the health of the individual.

Allura Colour tiles are easy to install, avoid debris and dust during installation and result in a durable hygienic flooring solution that is easy to maintain.

Want to know more about our commitment to your health and well being?

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Installation & floorcare

Allura Colour