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Naše čtverce a lamely Marmoleum Modular kombinují moderní vzhled s vynikající funkčností. Úžasná trendová podlaha také pro vysoce zátěžové interiéry.

Ekologické linoleové dílce vytváří zdravější vnitřní prostředí a zodpovědné použití vzhledem k našemu životnímu prostředí.

Barvy jsou zastoupené vizuály dřeva, betonu, kamene či mramorovanými dekory, navíc doplněné o dva živé reliéfní dezény, které se mění dle úhlu, ze kterého se na ně díváte.


Dílce Marmoleum modular


The sustainable flooring choice

Making Marmoleum Modular is a co-creation with nature. We combine natural ingredients and process them with our expertise. The result of our passion is a beautiful, sustainable, PVC-free and durable floor covering which is natural and biodegradable.

• Marmoleum is made from raw materials that are either abundantly available or rapidly renewable, with annual crops or grow back schemes.

• Marmoleum is PVC free and does not contain any phthalates or other plasticizers.

• Marmoleum tiles are manufactured in Europe in factories running on green electricity.

• The tiles are easy to install and require thanks to their Topshield2 finish a minimal cleaning & maintenance regime

• The tiles can be recycled after their useful life.

• Marmoleum is certified by internationally recognized environmental labels such as the Blue Angel, The Nordic Swan and Nature Plus.

• In addition, using Marmoleum in your projects will award you with credits towards the international LEED certification for sustainable buildings.

A sustainable choice in modularity


Marmoleum Modular floorplans

Forbo Marmoleum Modular tiles invite you to play with colour, size and shapes. We have created a number of floorplans to give you inspiration about the possible floor designs. View the Marmoleum Modular floorplans

In our Forbo Floorplanner you can see the floorplans in room scenes and play online with colours and designs.

Marmoleum Modular Floorplan

Technical information

Technical Specifications

About Marmoleum Modular

Create your floor

Marmoleum Modular allows you to create individual floor designs that express your taste and application. This natural, sustainable linoleum floor covering is available in tiles of 50x50cm & 50x25cm and planks of 100x25cm in various colours and designs.

Discover the unique characteristics of Marmoleum Modular:

Made by Nature
• The tiles are made from natural raw materials largely harvested from annual crops
• Marmoleum is very environmentally friendly and has low carbon footprint
• It does not contain PVC or phthalates and is low emitting

Designed to Create
• Marmoleum Modular has a natural and realistic look & feel
• It offers enhanced design freedom, a large choice to mix and match
• Colours match the latest trends
• The embossed textures create a lively effect on the floor

Reliable in Use
• Marmoleum Modular is durable, dimensionally stable and easy to clean & maintain
• The tiles are easy to handle; less waste after installation, single tiles can be replaced and no welding is needed.
• Light weight with an overall gauge of 2.5 mm

Marmoleum Modular Colour t3358 t3352

Installation & Floorcare

Marmoleum floorcare

Image gallery

The various sizes and colours of Marmoleum Modular tiles & planks allow you to create stunning floor designs. The planks and tiles can be used to mix and match or on their own. Click on the images below and get inspired by the design possibilities that Marmoleum Modular tiles offer.