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The story behind the new Sarlon and Modul’up collection
January 2021

Sarlon | Modul'up

The new Sarlon and Modul’up collection offers the most comprehensive and qualitative answer to all your needs with an unprecedented diversity of products. Margareth, Head of Vinyl Design at Forbo Flooring Systems, explains the story behind this collection.

The new Sarlon and Modul’up range is a broad collection that can serve many segments, since it is a concept with an unprecedented diversity of products: acoustic, compact and compact acoustic, glued or fully loose laid. Also, the diversity in design in this range with over 90 designs and colour options gives enough choice for any dynamic in a building.

All individual designs and colours have their own story and strength, and are suitable for use in a huge variety of applications, whether they come from a material, colour or pattern background.

"This range was built in a constellation, that is not just offering these individual “stars” but also shows very strong links between the different elements. This creates a full concept, where hybrid designs also play a strong connecting role and bring everything together. This is also where the idea of "Diversity, better together" originated," Margareth explains.

Dynamics of a building

Forbo Flooring produces a wide variety of ranges, designed by a large team of designers from around the globe. They all work according to similar design principles in which the dynamics of a building play an important role: "As a flooring brand we want to create better environments in all spaces where people work, live, interact, relax, heal, learn and play. And as a design team we want to emphasize designs that support to create a better and positive environment."

"We all worked together to create a global colour card, based on the latest trends and projections for the future. This means that different ranges can complement each other, and when different functionalities are required for a project it is always possible to combine different Forbo Flooring products. For this range we have taken the concept a step further. All individual designs and colours have their own story and strength, suitable for use in a huge variety of applications."

Moodboard - Dynamics
9100 | color splash
8513 | blond chill oak  - 9406 | coral terrazzo
moodboard Sarlon | Modul'up - pops of colour

Pops of colour

"This new collection has a lot of colour and pronounced pattern designs, which is something that makes me personally happy as well. At the moment the world can use some more positivity, especially in the rooms where we spend most of our time. The floor is an important part of a space, at school, in the office but also in public buildings and hospitals. Atmosphere and colour perception are key in those areas."

"What I find very special about this collection is the range of colour possibilities. From fresh, popping colours to beautiful deeper shades, combined with the innovative use of grey pastels. The soft pastels with stardust effect are very well suited for use in hospitals, for example. They have a subtle effect which creates a beautiful liveliness through light and can therefore create a softness in an environment where people are often not at ease."

Design that tells a story

Inspiration for the collection is based on art movements such as the Memphis Group and Pop Art, but also by Raanu weaving techniques, Anni Albers and several other graphic artists and designers.

"Personally, what I find very special about the collection is the wide range of possibilities but also the statements you can make. All of the designs tell a story, something that is becoming more and more important these days. Designs like the Color Splash and the Kubik are unique, daring and authentic. They are inspiring statement designs that combine very well with uni's or even other graphic designs. The Kubik incorporates the Doodle and the Graphito, which can be easily combined for corridors or zoning, for example. The two textile designs are also new for Sarlon, they can be combined with each other but also with Concrete, Cement and Wood. From traditional flooring to contemporary design statements; it’s all in one collection."

307 pastel blue nairobi | 9602 grey graphito | 878 dark green uni
9602 | grey graphito - 9609 | black graphito - 307 | pastel blue nairobi
9307 | pastel kubik - 877 | dark blue uni