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Marmoleum Imagine

Did you know you can make the most refined floor designs with Marmoleum? For Marmoleum Imagine we asked 3 international designers to create a series of Marmoleum designs, made possible by our refined Waterjet cutting technique. The designs can be customized on request which allows for endless design possibilities.

Marmoleum Imagine

  • Sigrid Calon Knot combi 1
  • Sigrid Calon Weave 1
  • Sigrid Calon Weave 2
  • Sigrid Calon Stitch 2
  • Dare-to-Rug DtR & Meadow 1-1
  • Dare to Rug DtR combi 1-3
  • Kustaa Saksi Iris 1-1
  • Kustaa Saksi Oasis 1-1, 2-1a, 2-1b

Sigrid Calon

Sigrid Calon

Sigrid Calon is an upcoming Dutch artist with a strong affinity for graphic and textile design. Her signature is outspoken and very recognizable.

By translating a traditional grid for embroidery into a digital grid, a versatile starting point has been created for a broad series of graphic designs. Exploring the Riso-print technology for output adds an extra layer to these designs. The patterns of Sigrid Calon are used amongst others by Swatch and Oxydo.

Read more about Sigrid Calon on

or watch our video to get inspired by the story behind her designs

Sigrid Calon 7

Infinite patterns

The Marmoleum Imagine designs made by Sigrid Calon are based on a grid. By systematically connecting the dots in the grid she creates endless possibilities for patterns. For Marmoleum Imagine we have selected 3 series of designs - WEAVE, STITCH and KNOT, - each with their own characteristics and all representing the unique signature of Sigrid’s work.

WEAVE click here to see all the designs

Sigrid Calon Weave 2_1 detailshot

Dare to Rug

Dare to Rug

Dare to Rug is a Romanian brand launched in 2015 by Andreea Batros and Flavia Scînteanu. The 2 young Romanian interior designers are based in Bucharest where they run a studio and a showroom with their rug collections. Their first rug collection, Romanian Moods, was presented to the international market at this year’s edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Their hand-tufted rugs mix craft with modern design and are inspired by traditional Romanian patterns. In their selection of materials and dyes which they use for their products they strongly focus on sustainability.

Read more about Dare to Rug on

or watch our video to get inspired by the story behind their designs

Portrait Dare to Rug colour

Romanian design heritage

The Marmoleum Imagine designs made by Dare to Rug make reference to 3 essential elements in Romanian folklore that are singularly powerful, but also work well together. The motifs BEE, MEADOW and PEONY intertwine in the collection and create a powerful take on Romanian design heritage. It translates ethnic inspiration to a universal design that fits numerous interiors and spaces.

MEADOW click here to see all the designs

Dare to Rug DtR Meadow 1-1_1_B
Dare to Rug DtR combi-1-3_2_B.

The 3 Marmoleum Dare to Rug designs BEE, MEADOW and PEONY are available in 3 different colour combinations which allows for a huge variety of floor designs. BEE and MEADOW consist of 2 colours offering the opportunity to create a positive and reversed element. PEONY is made out of 3 colours. The sizes of the designs are related to each other to create an interesting play.

DtR COMBI click here to see all the designs

Kustaa Saksi

Kustaa Saksi

Kustaa Saksi is a Finnish visual artist, textile designer and illustrator specializing in graphic storytelling through patterns, textile art and installations. In his designs he combines organic qualities with detailed textures in rich color palettes and experimental material use. Saksi’s artworks have been exhibited at galleries and museums all over the world.

Kustaa Saksi has produced commissioned artworks for companies such as Nike, Issey Miyake, Levi’s, Salvatore Ferragamo, Lacoste, LVMH, Moooi and Marimekko.

Read more about Kustaa Saksi on

or watch our video where Kustaa Saksi explains about his work for Marmoleum Imagine

Kustaa Saksi woolgathering-exhibition B

Organic & narrative

The Marmoleum designs made by Kustaa Saksi speak their own language: organic, mysterious, narrative. Inspiration from nature is reflected in the 2 series of designs: IRIS and OASIS. A certain complexity in the patterns offers the viewer nice moments of reflection.

IRIS click here to see all designs

Kustaa Saksi Iris 1-1