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Flotex in high traffic areas

Textile flooring for heavy footfall areas

  • University of Antwerp - Flotex colour - Metro pebble 246011
  • Laufhaus Oderwitz - Flotex by STARCK Twilight Amber-Antique
  • Stenden University of Applied Sciences -  Flotex Vision Custom Design & Flotex Colour Metro Grey 246006
  • Chungnam library - Flotex Metro t546002 & t546015 & t546029

Imagine locations where there are many people walking over your floor, heavy footfall all day, wheeled traffic, rolling suitcases, luggage or shopping carts. Not a location where you would expect a carpet. But it would help to reduce noise, support slip or trip accidents and increase a luxury feel. With Flotex this is simply possible.

The ideal floor for high traffic

From airport gates to convention centers to call centers and public buildings. Places that require a resilient textile floor covering that is easy to maintain, environmentally friendly and offer good indoor air quality.

A floor with a modern look with lots of movement in the design and installation. Flotex flocked flooring is the ideal solution. With its smooth, velour like surface that looks and feels like a carpet, Flotex is the perfect textile substrate for vibrant designs and true to life visuals.

  • Thanks to the strong Nylon 6.6 fibers Flotex resists intensive wear caused by high traffic

  • Great sound absorption properties and low impact sound transmission ensuring a comfortable feel

  • Easy path finding options and design possibilities with digital print custom design

Chungnam Library

  • Flotex Colour - s290011 calgary & s290026 calgary linen



    Discover all Flotex collections

    Forbo Flooring offers even more Flotex collections like Flotex hospitality and leisure (floors especially created for applications in this segment) and Flotex Bespoke (custom design, to give you the option to design your own floor)!

    Do you want to see all Flotex collections in one overview?

    Discover all Flotex collections

  • Flotex Colour - Metro pebble & berry



    Flotex brochure

    In this booklet we want to inspire you with our Flotex collections and explain why this floor covering is one that deserves a place in your next project.

  • Flotex reference - Hakuhoukai Tokyo Spine Hospital - Japan



    Flotex references

    Be inspired by the many areas of application in which our Flotex floors are installed. Worldwide references in different segments give a good impression of the possibilities with our floors.

The best of both worlds

Flotex is a unique textile floor covering that combines the hard wearing and durable characteristics of a resilient floor with the quality, warmth and comfort of a carpet. Flotex is a strong and hygienic floor, and being completely waterproof, it is also is a the only truly washable textile floor.

  • Extremely durable and easy to clean & maintain

  • Sound absorbing & slip resistant (even in wet conditions)

  • Only textile floor covering to receive the Allergy UK Seal of Approval™ by the British Allergy Foundation

  • Available in sheet, tiles & planks

Istanbul Airport

Flotex floors

Flotex floor coverings are manufactured with up to 80 million straight nylon fibres per m². Because the nylon fibres in the Flotex floors are standing straight ahead, they capture fine dust and allergens.

This unique structure ensures these can be released when vacuumed. That is why Flotex is the only textile flooring with a British Allergy Foundation approval.

Carpet floors

Loop pile carpet or loose nylon cut pile fibres retain fine dust and allergens, however, they’re not easily released due to the complex nature of the surface pile, which can result in bacterial growth and an unhygienic floor over time.

Flotex offers the quietness and comfort of a carpet but has a better hygienic performance.

Flotex flocked flooring - close up
Carpet floors - close up


  • Istanbul Airport

    Istanbul Airport


    Istanbul Airport - Turkey

    Istanbul Airport Terminal I itself covers 1,3M sqm and will serve 200M passengers every year. Once finalised all 4 phases, Istanbul Airport will be the World’s largest aviation terminal. The flooring of the airport has over 200.000 sqm and was covered with Forbo Flooring Systems’ sustainable and functional selections.

  • Skaga Venture

    Skaga Venture

    The Netherlands

    Skaga Venture - The Netherlands

    Skaga Venture is the place for relaxation and adventure. It is a new ultramodern indoor Family Entertainment Center in Schagen, The Netherlands, where you can kart, laser game, jumping a trampoline, play VR and arcade games, but also enjoy a drink and a bite. All this in a brand new beautiful and sustainable building!

  • University Antwerp - Flotex

    University Antwerp


    University Antwerp - Belgium

    When furnishing a university library, the choice of materials is determined by maintenance. For the floor finish, the University of Antwerp therefore chose Flotex flocked flooring. Flotex combines the ease of maintenance of a vinyl or tile floor with the look of a carpet. Flotex also created atmosphere and good acoustics in these university spaces.