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Flotex in extreme condition areas

Heavy duty textile flooring

  • MoDo Hockey - Hägglunds Arena
  • Flotex SkiStar
  • Train - Flotex Vision FR - junction azure - 000215
  • Fitness centrum spa Moravská Ostrava - Flotex Sottsass Wool

You would never expect heavy ski boots, ice skates or shopping carts on a carpet. On the other hand it would be ideal since the noise that these items normally produce over a hard or ceramic floor is enormous. Flotex is extremely hard wearing and the textile piles will not break. Besides it is also easy to clean so no reason not to choose a textile floor, as long as it is Flotex.

The ideal floor to withstand extreme conditions

From ice skate rings to ski centers and from trains to changing rooms and sport gyms, Flotex stands up to the heavy impact and even under wet conditions it remains slip resistant.

When walking with ice skates it is like walking with knives on your feet and still the floor holds up really well. In addition to cleanability Flotex has good acoustic properties providing a relaxing atmosphere.

  • Thanks to the strong Nylon 6.6 fibers Flotex resists intensive wear caused by extreme conditions

  • Comfortable/quiet warm under foot of a textile floor while most spills can be removed

  • Minimizes risk of slips and falls even in wet conditions

Flotex SkiStar

  • Flotex Colour - s290011 calgary & s290026 calgary linen



    Discover all Flotex collections

    Forbo Flooring offers even more Flotex collections like Flotex hospitality and leisure (floors especially created for applications in this segment) and Flotex Bespoke (custom design, to give you the option to design your own floor)!

    Do you want to see all Flotex collections in one overview?

    Discover all Flotex collections

  • Flotex Colour - Metro pebble & berry



    Flotex brochure

    In this booklet we want to inspire you with our Flotex collections and explain why this floor covering is one that deserves a place in your next project.

  • Flotex reference - Hakuhoukai Tokyo Spine Hospital - Japan



    Flotex references

    Be inspired by the many areas of application in which our Flotex floors are installed. Worldwide references in different segments give a good impression of the possibilities with our floors.

The best of both worlds

Flotex is a unique textile floor covering that combines the hard wearing and durable characteristics of a resilient floor with the quality, warmth and comfort of a carpet. Flotex is a strong and hygienic floor, and being completely waterproof, it is also is a the only truly washable textile floor.

  • Extremely durable and easy to clean & maintain

  • Sound absorbing & slip resistant (even in wet conditions)

  • Only textile floor covering to receive the Allergy UK Seal of Approval™ by the British Allergy Foundation

  • Available in sheet, tiles & planks

Golfbaan Het Rijk van Margraten - Flotex Penang tiles 50x50 - 382018 & 382007 & 382021

Flotex floors

Flotex floor coverings are manufactured with up to 80 million straight nylon fibres per m². Because the nylon fibres in the Flotex floors are standing straight ahead, they capture fine dust and allergens.

This unique structure ensures these can be released when vacuumed. That is why Flotex is the only textile flooring with a British Allergy Foundation approval.

Carpet floors

Loop pile carpet or loose nylon cut pile fibres retain fine dust and allergens, however, they’re not easily released due to the complex nature of the surface pile, which can result in bacterial growth and an unhygienic floor over time.

Flotex offers the quietness and comfort of a carpet but has a better hygienic performance.

Flotex flocked flooring - close up
Carpet floors - close up


  • SkiStar Hundfjället

    SkiStar Hundfjället


    SkiStar Hundfjället - Sweden

    SkiStar's facility in Hundfjället offers restaurants, lounge bar, playroom, shop and relaxation area with sauna and gym. Offering a well-kept and clean environment for guests is a crucial success factor. Season out and season in, thousands of ski boots rub against the floors in SkiStar's indoor environments. Nevertheless, they manage to create a fresh, relaxed and pleasant environment.

  • MoDo Hockey - Hägglunds Arena

    MoDo Hockey | Hägglunds Arena


    MoDo Hockey | Hägglunds Arena - Sweden

    In an elite sports association like Modo Hockey, tough rules apply during training and matches. This means that materials and spaces are heavily worn.

  • Flixtrain



    Flixtrain - Germany

    FlixTrain GmbH is a German rail transport company that belongs to the FlixBus brand. The highest comfort, safety and environmental standards are implemented in the green long-distance trains.