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Marmoleum - Human made

Made by humans

The people behind our Marmoleum floors are essential and therefore Forbo Flooring Systems prefers to have close cooperation with individual suppliers all over the world.

Marmoleum Raw Materials

Human touch

Because our Marmoleum is made from natural raw materials we depend highly on humans who guide the process of harvesting and preparing the raw materials for further transportation and preparation so that our craftsperson in the factory can make Marmoleum out of it.

Linseed oil, which comes from the flax plant seeds, wood flour as production waste from controlled forestry plantations, resin and jute are obtained from their natural habitat right where they grow and renew. The men and women in the plantion get support from our quality insurance team to make sure quality is secured and processes are being followed.

Marmoleum Human touch
SA 8000 logo

Social accountability

The SA8000 standard is our commitment to realizing a guaranteed fair treatment of workers.

Our supplier requirements program imposes requirements on our suppliers as a legally binding document. Our approach also involves close cooperation with individual suppliers. This is realized through meetings, on-site visits and supplier assessments that involve audits conducted by our purchasers or responsible managers.

These assessments ensure that our suppliers properly observe human and labour rights, occupational health and safety requirements, environmental performance goals and responsible business practices in their daily business.
More information about the SA 8000 certification


The craft of making Marmoleum originates from the century before last. Making linoleum literally was a handmade and manmade process, one in which the mixing, maturing and calandering of the raw materials was a trade mastered by few.

Forbo has been a driving force in developing the linoleum production process into a lean, automated and low energy consuming operation. We are proud of our experts as much as they take pride in creating every piece of Marmoleum.
Find out how we make our Marmoleum

Marmoleum human made

Marmoleum natural by nature

Marmoleum, Forbo's brand for linoleum, is a floor made from natural raw materials. This makes Marmoleum the sustainable flooring choice for every indoor environment. Find out more about the ingredients we use to make our Marmoleum.
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