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Building and design trends in 2024

In our new Forbo Flooring Systems webinar, senior designers Sarah Foster-Smith and Thomas Eurlings discuss the latest and upcoming trends in building and design.

Webinar Design Trends 2024 | Forbo Flooring Systems

Free webinar Trend Talk: Building and Design Trends in 2024

Live from the showroom of Vitra in Amsterdam, Forbo Flooring proudly presents the '2024 Trend Talk': an exclusive deep dive into the interior architecture trends for 2024.

Thomas Eurlings, creative studio owner and senior designer vinyl at Forbo Flooring, takes you on a journey through our latest trend report, 'A World of Fluidity', highlighting trends that will continue to have a big impact in the coming year. This report has been based on intensive research by our international design team, speaking to many specialists, and visiting dozens of conferences and trade fairs worldwide.

Sarah Foster-Smith, senior designer textile at Forbo Flooring, shows how these trends are incorporated in our product portfolio and presented through our seasonal selections, 'Moods of the Seasons'.

Join us as we explore the new and exciting trends in the world of the built environment and interior design!

Mood of the Season TWO | Forbo Flooring Systems

Watch the webinar

About Sarah Foster-Smith

Senior designer Sarah Foster-Smith has worked for Forbo Flooring Systems for 12 years, and is based at our Tessera carpet tile production plant in Bamber in the UK.

With a degree in textile design specializing in woven fabrics and a masters degree in textile technology, Sarah has a long history in the design of flooring, including our best-selling Tessera Layout and Outline ranges, and most recently Tessera Cloudscape, Infused and Accord.

Voorbeeld Sarah

About Thomas Eurlings

Thomas Eurlings has been working as Senior Designer Vinyl at Forbo Flooring Systems since 2012. In this capacity he works on collections such as Allura (LVT) and Eternal (sheet vinyl) and is responsible for several Forbo Flooring trend publications, such as the annual trend report and the new trend color selection 'Mood of the Season'.

As founder of ThomasE, an international operating creative studio based in Amsterdam, Thomas designs complete interiors as well as interior products and jewelry. The interior products vary between bespoke and off the shelf-items. Besides his own designs, Eurlings consults various companies on their creative challenges. This work includes incidental advise and consultancy as well as long term involvement as a creative director.


Thomas Eurlings | photo courtesy of Thomas Eurlings

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