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Marmoleum 2.0 mm is an attractive and durable flooring solution. Whenever material usage reduction is needed or a 2.0 mm thickness linoleum floor is sufficient, our Marmoleum 2.0 collection is the perfect flooring solution. It presents 32 colors from the Fresco, Real and Concrete ranges and features the same durable and sustainable characteristics as our other linoleum floor coverings.


Marmoleum 2.0

    About Marmoleum 2.0

    About Marmoleum 2.0

    Whenever material usage reduction is needed or a 2.0 mm thickness linoleum floor is sufficient, we can offer our beautiful Marmoleum 2.0 collection. Marmoleum 2.0 is primarily aimed at residential usage/ housing companies and presents a selection of designs from the Fresco, Real and Concrete ranges.

    Marmoleum 2.0 offers the same benefits as our other linoleum floor coverings:

    • Manufactured from natural bio-based raw materials
    • Low in emission, free from plasticizers and synthetic additives
    • Climate positive floor covering solution from cradle to gate
    • Made to contribute to a healthy indoor environment inspired by nature
    • The soft feel of the collection coordinates well with natural wood and stone
    • Its blend of colors provides versatility when combining with other surfaces
    • A range of intriguing organic structures
    • Versatile in its application, durable in use
    • Easy to install with net fit seam technology
    • Easy to clean and good appearance retention
    • Reliable, based on proven performance of millions of m2 installed worldwide
    • Gauge 2.0 mm delivers cost effective, sustainable material efficiency

    You can find more information about all our Marmoleum collections in our online Marmoleum in the real world magazine

    Marmoleum Real 3173 & 3251


    Marmoleum: magnificent by nature

    97% natural raw materials
    72% rapidly renewable
    43% recycled content

    Created from natural, renewable materials, Marmoleum flooring is the most sustainable resilient flooring available. It contains no phthalates, no plasticisers and no mineral oil.

    The key raw materials used in the Marmoleum production include:

    ● linseed oil, which comes from the flax plant seeds
    ● wood flour from controlled forests and
    ● jute, the natural backing onto which the linoleum is calandered.

    Marmoleum flooring has received many worldwide quality marks and certifications for being environmental friendly. We are proud that environmental experts confirm our statement. Read more about our Eco labels .

    Climate positive product range
    Because of its unique properties, its natural ingredients and its modern manufacturing process, Marmoleum is a climate positive product range, measured from cradle to gate. Find out more about the sustainable character of Marmoleum on our climate positive section.

    Topshield pro is Forbo Floorings' high performance UV-finish which is applied to all Marmoleum floor coverings. Topshield pro prevents staining, scuffing and scratching for lasting appearance retention and provides for easy cleaning and maintenance at lower intervals. Read more about our Marmoleum surface finish in the Topshield pro section.

    Marmoleum magnificent by nature

    Video & images

    Marmoleum videos & images

    Watch our Marmoleum videos where we explain about how Marmoleum is made and its sustainable characteristics.

    Installation & floorcare

    Marmoleum installation & floorcare

    Marmoleum is built to last, you can find even more information about the performance of our Marmoleum floors on our Topshield pro page.

    Download here the
    Marmoleum sheet installation guidance note
    Marmoleum cleaning & maintenance instructions

    Or watch our cleaning & maintenance videos:
    Initial cleaning Marmoleum
    Regular cleaning Marmoleum
    Periodic maintenance Marmoleum

    While Marmoleum with Topshield pro is designed to keep its appearance, it’s important to follow some simple guidelines that will help keep the beauty of your floor for longer.

    Entrance systems
    Good entrance matting is essential if you want to protect your floor. It will ensure that the biggest threats to the appearance of your floor are dealt with before they even affect it.

    Furniture protection
    Using the right furniture leg protection for tables and chairs will safeguard your floor at all times. Applying protection to the base of your furniture will help keep the new appearance of your floor for longer.

    Cleaning and maintenance
    When you take care of your floor and clean it when necessary, it will stay beautiful for longer without the need of a wax or polymer. Proper cleaning & maintenance will save time and money.

    Marmoleum floorcare

    Technical specifications

    Marmoleum 2.0 technical specifications