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Sustainable flooring

We create better environments

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In order to move forward

At Forbo Flooring Systems, it's an action that is important, not just promises. We want to be a trusted partner who provides full transparency when it comes to circular flooring solutions and renewable raw materials.

It is about the things we do, not just about the things we promise.




Renewable materials are an important part of a fully circular future. That’s why we continue to increase the bio-based content in our portfolio. We are the world leader in linoleum, and our Marmoleum is made from up to 98% natural and renewable materials.


With life cycle assessments as our constant guide for doing right, we continue to lead the industry towards new environmental standards. We have secured third-party verified EPDs, and we include human and eco-health declarations in all of our EPDs.


We work on creating products that keep the end in mind – and do this throughout our design process and choice of materials. Our Back to the Floor program is active in many markets, contributing to reuse and recycling.


Three product categories to choose from

Due to our commitment to sustainability, the Forbo Flooring Systems' product portfolio has some truly unique sustainable solutions.

1. Linoleum - Marmoleum 2.5 mm is climate positive when they leave our factory, without offsetting.

2. Our vinyl floors are truly safe to use and offer great adhesive free options, ready for the circular economy.

3. Our textile floors have a high percentage of recycled content, especially our carpet tiles that achieve at least a recycled content of 56% by weight. Coral entrance systems are made with Econyl yarns derived from abandoned fishing nets.

Learn more about our product portfolio by clicking on the links below.

Sustainable Vinyl flooring


For Green Star Projects

We use transparent, independent third-party eco-labels and certifications that comply with stringent sustainable standards and guidelines across multiple key areas, offering credits towards Green Star building projects such as;

• Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA)
• GreenTag GreenRate Level A
• Vinyl Council of Australia Best Practice PVC
• International Living Future Institute Declared Red List Free
• Third-party verified EPD

A broad range of our portfolio contributes to "Best Practice Products" Responsible Product value (RPV ≥ 12) set out in the Green Star Responsible Products Framework.

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Certifications for Green Star project submission

Discover what we do to become the most sustainable flooring manufacturer


Linoleum - the bio-based floor

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The weighted average of our 2,5 mm Marmoleum range is climate positive (cradle to gate) without offsetting. It combines ecological values with contemporary design and offers an important contribution to a sustainable world.

Vinyl - circular ready flooring

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Vinyl floors are part of a versatile and more and more adhesive-free range of products that have made great strides in terms of their technical and sustainable properties. Increased recycled content, improved lacquers and dyes, reduced product emissions (to near zero) and the elimination of harmful substances have been key steps towards circular ready sustainable flooring.

Textile - the recycling hero

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On average, we can claim the highest percentage of recycled content by weight in the industry for our carpet tiles, up to as high as 60%. For our Coral textile solutions we use Econyl yarns which are sourced from waste fishing nets rescued from the oceans. The yarns are made from 100% regenerated material. Our modular Flotex backings are made with recycled PVC.

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A few of our accomplishments

  • Our average carbon emission per square metre product decreased by 70% from 2004-2021.

  • Overall 23% of our flooring is made up of recycled materials by weight, with some individual products with as much as 89% recycled materials.

  • All product categories offer adhesive-free flooring with 100% safe & traceable raw materials.

  • 47 flooring ranges with independently reviewed Environmental Product Declarations (EPD).

  • All EPDs have human health impact and eco-toxicity declarations.

  • Over 10 years of annual sustainability reporting in adherence with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines.

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Green landscape - branding campaign 2022


We create better environments

Our long-term ambition is clear: to be your trusted partner for fully-circular flooring solutions made from renewable materials. We want to make it easy for architects, contractors, installers, and building owners alike to make the right circular flooring choice, helping them to lower their carbon footprint, reduce their waste production and maximise their use of renewable materials.

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