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Sustainability Strategy

Going round, moving forward

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We create better environments

Our Flooring Systems tagline – creating better environments – expresses our awareness, commitment, and efforts when it comes to sustainability. We strive to help create a better world for our planet and the people living on it. As a company, we are committed to meeting our obligations to future generations. We do this by taking concrete steps to be as environmentally-responsible as possible.

Sustainability strategy

Become a zero waste company that executes the guiding principles of the circular economy.

Our strategic direction is based on three main objectives:

1. Transform the linear economic business model to meet the principles of the circular economy model: reduce the use of materials, optimise resources, increase the use of recycled materials, and develop take-back programs and end-of-life recycling options.

2. Contribute to creating better indoor environments and healthier buildings by designing floors with a focus on human health that are functional, safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly.

3. Support social equity and fair treatment of employees in the supply chain through SA8000.

To ensure that our Sustainability Strategy does not just project to distant horizons, we have created a program with clear goals and objectives that we aim to achieve by 2025.

Sustainability Strategy_road ahead

Sustainability program 2025

To deal with worldwide building challenges

Our 2025 Sustainability Program goes well beyond the cradle to gate stages of the product life cycle and includes our ambitions on reuse and recycling as well as take-back schemes and pilots for retrieving post-consumer floor coverings.

With our 2025 Sustainability Program we have taken an approach that considers the entire lifecycle, which goes far beyond what we manufacture and sell. Our product development and design, sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, floorcare, maintenance and repair, as well as take-back of installation waste, reuse and recycling are all integral parts of our renewed strategy.

Building challenges & our journey

Goals for the circular economy

Displaying a carbon-negative product portfolio
• Grow beyond the 70% decrease in CO2 emissions between 2004-2021.

Using renewable energy
• Achieving 100% renewable electricity usage where available
• Strong reduction of fossil gas usage

Becoming a zero-waste company
• Reaching ≥ 95% reuse/recycling of product waste
• Achieving 100% reuse/recycling of office waste

Actively contributing to the circular economy
• Increasing sales volume that is post-consumer recycled
• Increasing post-installation waste that is recycled
• Increasing loose-lay sales volume that is being reused and resold
• Designing for recycling: increase the recyclability of the products sold
• All products have 20% recycled content (preferably post-consumer)

raw materials_circular floor

Goals for people we work with

Ensuring ethical and sustainable supply chain management
We encourage our suppliers to have a sustainability program to decrease their environmental footprint. There is also a strong focus on the materials procured to increase recycled or biobased content in our flooring.

Ensuring that all employees are involved in sustainability
Our 2025 Sustainability Program includes a circular economy and sustainability training for all employees. Furthermore, lease cars and other vehicles are fossil fuel free in countries with appropriate infrastructure. Hybrids in Australia are already used.

Ensuring we are socially responsible, diverse and inclusive company with talented employees
We have implemented a gender, age, cultural and physical background diversity and inclusion policy and are maintaining and improving our SA8000 certified social accountability management system.

social accountability Forbo

Our progress update

Through our annual sustainability report, we explain and detail our strategy.

Our sustainability report provides a transparent overview of our ecological, social, and economic performance, as defined by the Global Reporting Initiative. We see the compilation of the reports not only as a reporting tool, but also as an accountability tool. It will help us stick to the activities derived from our Sustainability Strategy and improve our overall sustainability performance in every aspect.

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Sustainability report


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