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Two-component seamless, hard liquid floor

370 MultiTerrazzo

MultiTerrazzo - domestic, industrial and public use

MultiTerrazzo - decorative, durable, easy to maintain

Design flexibility, beautiful aesthetics, environmental friendliness, sanitation benefits, durability in high traffic and high stress areas.

• dimensional stability
• suitable for highest demands in regards to mechanical and
chemical resistance
• available in a variety of colors
• Anti-slip resistant in acc. with BRG 181 through Eurocol C Floor
Top-coat protection, R10 and R11 can be achieved by in combination with additives
• suitable over underfloor heating systems
• fire resistant class Bfl S1
• outstanding good results in castor wheel resistance testing
acc. to DIN EN 12529
• to be used in indoor and dry outdoor areas
• very low emission according to EMICODE EC1 Plus
• thanks to the seamless installation it is also ideal for areas with
high hygienic requirements such as hospitals and doctor’s practice
• suitable for residential areas, kitchens, offices, kindergartens
or schools

Color worlds

MultiTerrazzo - color worlds

Forbo Eurocol MultiTerrazzo is available in:

MultiTerrazzo Black, MultiTerrazzo Graphite, MultiTerrazzo Pebble, MultiTerrazzo Fog, MultiTerrazzo Denim, MultiTerrazzo Watercolor, MultiTerrazzo Mirabelle, MultiTerrazzo Fern, MultiTerrazzo Sandcastle, MultiTerrazzo Dune, MultiTerrazzo Autumn and MultiTerrazzo Ruby Red.

MultiTerrazzo - color worlds

**Multi**Terrazzo - color worlds


MultiTerrazzo - product

You get a long-lasting and beautiful result with the application of MultiTerrazzo.
The following link will lead you to the full MultiTerrazzo product assortment and its technical specifications.

MultiTerrazzo Products

Products MultiTerrazzo

Sub-floor preparation

MultiTerrazzo - sub-floor preparation

Amongst other things, the mineral subfloor must have sufficient strength, load-bearing capacity, dimensional stability, completely dry and be crack-free. Poorly bonded layers must be removed by appropriate mechanical measures.
Subfloor must meet the requirements acc. to national standards like VOB. In the event of any discrepancy, the installer must always inform the client of his concerns in writing. Cracks and joints (except building expansion joints) shall be sealed with suitable Eurocol solutions.

To prime the subfloor before the application of the product is a Eurocol 2K epoxy resin primer (e. g. 021 Euroblock RENO LE) to be used.
The primer must be fully dry, clean and hardened before the application of the liquid floor as well as it must be sanded with Euroclean repair pad gray or black.
The minimum compressive strength must be at least 25 N/mm² (equivalent to B25) and the tensile strength at least 1.5 N/mm² (According to BEB-standards).

sub-floor preparation

Maintenance instructions

MultiTerrazzo - maintenance instructions

After applying of the C Floor topcoat over the already hardened MultiTerrazzo liquid floor, initial care can be carried out. The initial care protects the hardened top coat against contaminations and prepares it for maintenance. Initial care may be carried out at the earliest 7 days after the order of the Eurocol C Floor topcoat.

The universal care Eurocol 328 C Floor Care is to be used for initial care and maintenance.

Maintenance instructions CFloor