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Two component seamless, elastic liquid floor with base of natural raw materials.
Natural appearance, sustainable, easy to care.


LiquidDesign - seamless, flexible liquid floor

LiquidDesign - seamless, flexible liquid floor with a natural look & feel

LiquidDesign clearly stands out from other liquid floors, like PU or epoxy. This innovative Eurocol liquid floor offers a completely different experience thanks to its permanently flexible properties, natural look & feel and aesthetic qualities. It is the result of a balanced mix of natural components: cork, linseed oil and biopolymer binding agent. Moreover, these natural materials are renewable, and therefore environmentally friendly.

• warm, aesthetic and permanently flexible liquid floor
• composed from natural, renewable materials
• fast and easy to apply
• 1 coat lacquer finish without primer
• flexible yet sturdy and wear resistant, dirt resistant

Brochure LiquidDesign


Color worlds

LiquidDesign - Color worlds

A selection of 32 trend setting colors enhances the attractiveness of LiquidDesign. The whole mixture, from warm to cool; neutral or accentuated colors, offers you a great variety of creative freedom.
For color tones and names, please refer to the color chart or the LiquidDesign Sample book.

Farben LiquidDesign


LiquidDesign - Products

With our product range for LiquidDesign you get nicely looking and lasting result.
The following link will lead you to the LiquidDesign product range and its technical product information.

LiquidDesign Products

Liquid Products

Sub-floor preparation

Sub-floor preparation:

The mineral subfloor must have a sufficient compression and tensile strength, load-bearing capacity, dimensional stability, dry, crack and dust free. Anti-adhesion layers must be removed by appropriate mechanical measures.

The minimum compressive strength must be 25 N / mm² (corresponds to a concrete grade of B 25), and the abrasion/tear resistance of the subfloor must not be less than 1.5 N / mm² ( acc. to the BEB datasheet).
The subfloor must meet the requirements according to national standards, regulations and norms.
In the event of any discrepancy, the installer must always inform the client of his concerns in writing.
Cracks and joints (except for building expansion joints) must be closed with suitable Eurocol filling compound.
Installation materials to be used must comply with the subfloor and its intended use.
350 Liquid Design must be applied on an even surface, using Eurocol self-levelling compounds, recommended to be used is Eurocol 960 Europlan super. The dried area must be always be primed with Eurocol 044-1 Europrimer Multi Plus. After approx. two hours of intermediate drying, the liquid flooring can be then applied.

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LiquidDesign - Application

Before application, allow both components to acclimatize for a least 24 hours under preferred room conditions. The area to be applied on has to be divided into application areas per bucket so that the maximum layer thickness of 2.5 mm is not exceeded. Avoid direct sunlight.

Stir well component A in the original bucket, shake the hardener and add it and mix both components thoroughly until they become a homogenous mass. Mixing has to be done with a drilling machine with an attached mixing head at approximately 300 rpm.
Please pay important attention that the mass on edges as well as the bottom of the bucket are well mixed as well. Subsequently, transfer the mixture into a second, clean container and stir again for about a minute. Only mix as much material as can be processed within 30 minutes. The application of the liquid flooring is to be done with a notched trowel, to ensure that the minimal-maximum layer thickness of 2 - 2.5 mm is achieved. Stir the mass repeatedly during processing to keep the cork pigments evenly distributed. To achieve a uniform, even surface appearance, vent the liquid floor immediately with a metal spike roller. To walk on the still wet surface, make use of spiked shoes. Do not step into the still wet surface!
After complete, tack-free hardening of the LiquidDesign, apply one layer of protective coat with Eurocol 355 LiquidDesign Finish in accordance with the processing instructions.