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Products Surface Finishing

BetonDesign, LiquidDesign and FloorColouring.

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  • Vloer ziekenhuis

    326 UV-Careshield

    326 UV-Careshield for a fast protection.

  • WallDesign


    Ready-to-use finishing paste for perfect concrete-look walls.

  • Betondesign 5


    BetonDesign, concrete, only different. BetonDesign can be applied directly to a suitable surface. The result is a clean, level floor or wall, with a high-tech industrial look and feel and the associated quality and sustainability.

  • LD vloer


    Innovative flexible liquid floor with a natural look & feel

  • FloorDesign 2


    Powder pigment to create decorative floor screeds. Suited for indoor applications, e.g. in offices, living rooms/bedrooms, hobby rooms etc. Not suited for wooden floors.

  • DecoDesign 8


    DecoDesign is an innovative and decorative finishing system for floors and walls based on the 330 ColourCoat water-based plastic coating.