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Disclaimer and Terms of Use

Information in accordance with section 5 TMG:
Forbo Eurocol Deutschland GmbH
August-Röbling-Straße 2
D-99091 Erfurt
Phone +49 361 730 41 0
Fax +49 361 730 41 91

Supervisory body: Dr. Stefan Vollmuth, Jochen Schwemmle
Register Court: HRB 100351 Jena (D)
VAT indentification number in accorance with section 27 a of the German VAT act: DE 811 178 280

Terms of Use

General information
Any access and use of the Internet presence («Website») of Forbo Holding Ltd («Forbo»), shall be governed by these terms («Terms of Use»). Forbo reserves the right to change the Terms of Use at any time and without any prior notification.

By visiting this Website, you («you» or the «User») agree to these Terms of Use.

Social bookmarks
Social bookmarks that are identified by the respective logo are being used on the Forbo Website. Users of certain social media platforms are able to use these social bookmarks to place links of selected Forbo sites into their profiles in order to mark them up or to share the respective page with their contacts. Whenever you click on social bookmarks, you are sending identifying data to the respective social media platform. Individuals who share Forbo messages/information using the social bookmarks are not authorized to speak on behalf of Forbo or to represent Forbo. They publish their own views and opinions. Moreover, the provisions set forth in these Terms of Use with regard to external links also apply to social bookmarks.

Data privacy
If you should decide to make your personal data available to Forbo, you agree that this data will be transmitted without prior encryption and that Forbo shall have the right to store and utilize said data in compliance with Forbo’s Data Privacy Provisions. Detailed information as to the protection of your privacy can be found in the Data Privacy Declaration provided hereinafter.

Data transmission security
The Internet is a global requirement. By using the Website or by communicating with us via e-mail, a contact form or similar means, you consent to the unencrypted transmission of all data you intend to send to Forbo. Any data sent through these channels is neither confidential nor secure; it may be lost or viewed, intercepted or modified by third parties and may travel beyond national boundaries. Due to the operational set-up of the Internet and the system immanent risks, all data transmissions initiated by you do occur at your own risk. Other provisions apply only in the event that Forbo offers you an option for encrypted transmission. By contacting Forbo electronically, you authorize Forbo to correspond with you electronically as well.

Forbo shall not assume any liability to you or others for damages that arise in conjunction with messages sent to and from Forbo via e-mail or any other electronic message transmission system.

Governing law
Any and all disputes arising from or in conjunction with the use of this Website shall be governed by Swiss Law and shall be settled only by the courts at the headquarters domicile of Forbo in Baar (Switzerland) subject to the exclusion of the colliding laws provisions.

August 2014