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a changeable history

an unusual company history of the site in Erfurt since 1922



The company was founded in 1920 in Erfurt as a manufacturer of all kinds of adhesives and witnessed all ups and downs of the recent German history.



The owners of the company at that time realize that the so called „thousand year Reich“ won't last a long time.

The owners left the site in Erfurt after the withdrawal of the American troops and the invasion of the Red Army and ventured a new beginning near the German-French border, in Pirmasens.


The company was put under Soviet administration and was transformed in 1949 into a so called „Volkseigentum“ (national property).

Later on, the production of shoe adhesives with brand name Chemisol restarted.
VEB Schuhchemie (Shoe chemistry) was founded.
Adhesives and very popular floor polish were produced.


The quality of shoe adhesives was excellent. Therefore some products were delivered for the so called „Gestattungsproduktion“ (licensed production).

The West German shoe manufacturer Salamander licensed East German shoe manufacturer to produce Salamander shoes accordning to strict requirements, which were sold all over Germany.


Lots of new housing estates were built in the GDR within the context of a housing program. Hence the product range was extended and the company in Erfurt started the production of construction adhesives, which have been important for the future development of the company.

The need of construction adhesives increased rapidly within the new housing program and the VEB Schuhchemie (shoe chemistry) became, despite the company's name, the leading manufacturer of construction adhesives in the former GDR.


The adhesives factory in Pirmasens was run as a family business until the 1980s and then was sold to the Swiss Forbo group.

After the reunification of Germany in 1990, the adhesive factory in Erfurt also was sold to the Swiss Forbo Group. Forbo Erfurt GmbH was founded and was established as a competence center for construction chemistry.


Forbo Eurocol Deutschland GmbH offers today a huge product range with system solutions in development, construction and sale.
High quality products are available for professional floor and parquet laying due to the guidline pinciple „everything from one single source“.

Forbo Erfurt is a reliable partner for construction trade with its customer-oriented product development, technical and commercial support and its customer-oriented logistical concept.