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Allura Decibel luxury acoustic vinyl tiles are made with passion for innovation, design and the environment. The balanced palette of 30 Wood and Material designs combines beautiful floor design with high performance and excellent acoustic properties of 19dB.

The D3S core technology makes this the best dimensional stable flooring possible for this type of floor covering.

NOTE: Allura Decibel (8 mm) is stocked, all other formats are non-stock and have a lead time of 6-8 weeks.


Allura Decibel

    About Allura Decibel

    Allura Decibel acoustic LVT

    Allura Decibel presents the new acoustic LVT standard. The balanced color palette of wood, stone and concrete designs combines beautiful floor design with excellent performance in acoustic noise reduction (19dB) and dimensional stability.

    Allura Decibel luxury acoustic vinyl tiles and planks are made with passion for innovation, design and the environment.

    ● D3S core technology makes the best dimensional stability for this type of flooring
    ● There is a perfect balance between the high acoustic properties of 19dB and outstanding residual indentation performance
    ● Easy and quick installation, only using tackifier to fixate the tiles for a long lasting performance

    ● The 30 item range offers very realistic Wood and Material designs, all exclusively to Forbo
    ● The range is designed to mix and match colors within the range and create your own unique floor plan
    ● Allura Decibel meets all the aesthetic requirements of LVT, including beveling and metallic effects where relevant

    ● 100% phthalate free flooring, low indoor emissions; produced with the best possible environmental profile
    ● Easy to remove at end of life for recycling or re-use; minimizing the impact on the environment
    ● Low in-room impact sound and comfortable underfoot

    Allura Decibel acoustic vinyl tiles

    Made with passion

    Allura Decibel, made with passion

    All Allura vinyl tiles are made for the professionals in the flooring business by professionals in commercial flooring. Allura has always been made with passion and knowledge and Allura Decibel is part of the next generation of LVT flooring.

    We study how people work, live and interact in today's commercial interiors. We connect this knowledge to future trends and the changing dynamics of a building; we use our findings to innovate and differentiate our portfolio of products through design and function.

    Allura Decibel is the direct consequence of these studies and solves many of today's and tomorrow's challenges when it comes to acoustic requirements in combination with durable performance and high aesthetics. Through its tackified installation it is also the answer to key challenges like limiting downtime and the reduction of environmental impact.

    We are passionate about design and the many possibilities our Allura Decibel acoustic flooring tiles offer, both visually and technically.

    Watch below the stories of 6 of our passionate Forbo employees, all with their own responsibility and experience with Allura luxury vinyl tiles.
    or read more on our Allura made with Passion page

    Allura made with passion

    Image gallery & video

    Allura Decibel images & video

    Our Alllura Decibel acoustic vinyl tiles present an extensive range of Wood and Material designs that allows for floor designs in a wide range of applications. Open the image gallery below and get inspired by the possibilities that Allura Decibel offers.

    Installation & Floorcare

    Allura Decibel 8IM03 mortar imprint concrete | 8WHA03 golden harvest oak


    Allura technical specifications