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The Flotex Journeys collection features a outdoor feeling design is well suited for healthcare, senior care, and education environments.

Journeys is only available in sheet.


Flotex Journeys


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    Technical Information

    Technical Specifications

    Forbo has a wide variety of promotional and technical documentation available for each of its products. The documents can be found by going to the product selection of your choice. You are then able to download the related documents. Download center

    You can also immediately download the Flotex Sheet and Flotex Sheet Adhesive technical information here.

    Flotex Sheet
    Technical Data Sheet

    US Commercial Warranty
    CA Commercial Warranty (French)
    CA Commercial Warranty

    Sustainable and Durable

    A sustainable collection

    Forbo’s manufacturing operations for Flotex in Great Britain and France secures a high quality products, produced with green electricity and minimum waste streams that are all recycled in the product. Flotex is created with nylon 6.6 fibres, all dies and inks used to create the Flotex designs are water based. No additional chemical processes take place other than high temperature steam treatment to secure the colors. Spillage and waste does not occur.

    Flotex makes use of waste streams of other Forbo production locations to be transformed into the backing of the products. Recycled content in Flotex is up to 59% of the backing content. The real advantage for using Flotex is the extreme performance of the product, with a product life time that surpasses that of ordinary textiles by a factor 6. The product can be cleaned by using water and a simple detergent. For most staining, simple household soap is enough to clean the product, while other detergent clean away ink, oil and more severe stains. After use the product can be recycled back into the production process.

    Flotex color



    In order to get a perfect floor it is important to prepare and to pay attention to a proper installation of the floor covering. Forbo offers an assortment of high quality installation products and tools, which helps you obtaining the desired result.

    Download the Flotex Sheet Installation Guidelines Here

    Floor Care

    Floor Care for Flotex Sheet

    A textile flooring with the ease of cleaning a resilient is the true quality of Flotex. When prescribed cleaning procedures are followed, Flotex outperforms any textile floorcovering in appearance. It’s smooth upright nylon 6.6 fibres allow dirt to be easily removed by ordinary vacuuming. No dry dirt is trapped by any loops or brush edges of the fibre and the vacuum action reaches the very base of the pile, meaning that all dirt is removed. The vinyl base combined with the nylon 6.6 top layer allows it to be cleaned with water and detergents, simply washing away any spills or stains. Steam cleaning or mechanical cleaning methods can be applied. Flotex is the truly washable textile, dries quickly and as such stays cleaner for longer.

    Flotex Floor Care Guidelines

    Wallbase & Install Accessories

    Wallbase & Install Accessories

    To view our wallbase colors and accessories please download brochure below.


    EPDs and HPDs