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flotex hospitality & leisure

Forbo has created a special collection of Flotex floors with striking designs for the hospitality & leisure segment. The high performance Flotex flocked floor coverings provide comfort and safety while leaving plenty of space for design.

For a classic chic or bohemian atmosphere, choose a floral design to give your establishment a touch of class. Whether it's a restaurant, hotel or retirement home, the timeless designs from the Floral collection feel at home anywhere. Combine with color variations or continue the pattern with the special border designs for hallways.

To easily visualize the scale of the designs, please see our Hospitality & Leisure brochure

Borders are specially designed to be installed in corridors only and are not suitable for side by side installation.


Flotex hospitality & leisure Floral

    Images & videos

    Flotex images and videos

    Here you find an impression of different Flotex Hospitality & Leisure designs and videos with more information about custom flooring and Flotex flocked flooring.

    Flotex benefits

    Flotex: the high-tech textile

    Flotex is unique compared to other textile floors because of the fibre construction. By combining a high-density flocked surface with a heavy-duty resilient foundation Flotex offers the best of both worlds in terms of performance and comfort.

    Comfortable & quiet
    • The densely placed fibres provide a warm and comfortable surface
    • Low in-room impact noise performance as well as good impact sound reduction (20dB) ensure quieter environments
    • The wide range of designs create a pleasing floor covering for any environment

    Safe & secure
    • Flotex meets the HSE wet and dry slip resistance classifications for use on flat surfaces and ramps
    • The grip of the surface of a Flotex floor provides confidence underfoot
    • The non-fray construction avoids trip hazards
    • Flotex is ultra-low in emissions and is phthalate free

    Hygienic & washable
    • The nylon 6.6 fibres capture allergens and fine dust from the air, all of which are effortlessly removed by vacuuming
    • For spills, Flotex can be cleaned using water and a brush
    • Steam cleaning or deeper mechanical cleaning with minimal detergent can be used after heavy soiling
    • Regular cleaning restores Flotex to its original appearance without wearing and fading
    • Flotex is the quickest drying textile floor covering for less down-time after cleaning
    • Thanks to its technical and bacteriostatic properties, Flotex prevents mould and odours

    Flotex H&L_Floral

    Installation & floorcare

    The installation, cleaning and maintenance of a Flotex floor

    Download here the Flotex installation instructions
    Or watch the Flotex installation video
    Download here the pattern repeat overview

    The dense surface pile make Flotex extremely durable, while its upright polyamide filaments and impermeable PVC backing means it can be cleaned right down to the base. The polyamide pile captures airborne allergens and fine dust, which is easily released through vacuuming, thereby contributing towards better indoor air quality.
    Download here the complete Flotex cleaning & maintenance instructions
    Or watch the Flotex stain removal video
    Or watch the Flotex soil removal video

    Flotex installation instructions


    Flotex H&L_Textile

    About Flotex H&L

    Special Hospitality & Leisure collection

    Whether in hotels, leisure areas or restaurants, you need a high performance floor covering that provides comfort and safety while giving pride of place to design. Forbo now offers a special collection of easy-care Flotex floors with striking designs for the hospitality & leisure segment.

    Thanks to our high-definition printing technology, we can offer you a wide selection of designs that will suit all your spaces. A trendy hotel in the heart of the city, a cosy establishment in the mountains, or a charming traditional restaurant: each concept will find the design that tells its story.
    We are aware of the challenges of the hospitality and leisure sector, where you often only have one chance to make a good first impression. That is why we have created unique designs that can be coordinated, come in different sizes or are even especially created for corridors.

    By choosing Flotex and its unique construction, you are assured of a design textile floor covering that will retain its original appearance over time. It is the assurance that your visitors will be welcomed in the environment you dreamed of!

    Please see our brochure if you would like to see more of Forbo's unique Flotex Hospitality & Leisure designs:

    Flotex H&L_Geometric/Graphic


    Get in touch

    Please contact us if you have any questions or need more information about our Flotex collections.

    Forbo Flooring has sales organisations all over the world.
    Here you can find your local Forbo office and contact details

    Flotex H&L_Statement