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Solving the circular challenge

In our newest Forbo Flooring Systems webinar, experts Jane Gardner and Julie Chaminade discuss the challenges of the circular economy for the flooring industry.

Webinar Solving the circular challenge

Free webinar Solving the circular challenge

What will the future of flooring circularity look like? What tools and solutions can building owners and specifiers expect when their products reach the end of their useful life? With two important influencers in the flooring industry, we will disclose the next steps you can expect how the flooring industry, and potentially even the building sector, will tackle the day-to-day challenges of the circular economy.

Jane Gardner, Managing Director at ERFMI (European Resilient Flooring Manufacturers’ Institute), will give a future perspective on what is happening on a global scale and share ERFMI’s vision of how the circular challenge should be solved. With France leading the way, Julie Chaminade, Managing Director at Kaléi, the French professional association representing technical and decorative coverings, will highlight their key takeaways thus far, as well as the next challenges they face.

Circular economy

Watch the webinar here:

About Jane Gardner

Jane Gardner is the Managing Director of ERFMI, the European Resilient Flooring Institute and as such represents the interest of 17 manufacturers and distributors of resilient floor coverings in Europe.

As part of her role, Jane is actively involved in standardisation and is the Convenor of WG 7 resilient floorcoverings within CEN TC 134 and the Chair of ISO TC 219 textile, resilient and laminate floor coverings. Jane is actively involved in the Circular Plastics Alliance, an Alliance set up by the European Commission with the target of achieving the uptake of 10 million tonnes of recycled plastics into new products placed on the EU market by 2025. ERFMI is a signatory of this alliance.

Prior to joining ERFMI, Jane worked for 14 years for Axion, a UK based resource efficiency consultancy. Her work focused on the collection and recycling of resilient floor coverings and carpets, as well as other plastic construction products. Jane is passionate about the development of a circular economy for floorcoverings in Europe.


Webinar | Jane Gardner

About Julie Chaminade

Julie Chaminade is the Managing Director of Kaléi, the French professional association representing technical and decorative coverings. All manufacturers of resilient floorings active on the French market are members of this association.

With more than twenty years as head of Kaléi and her previous experience within EuPC, the European organisation for plastics converters, Julie has developed great insight into institutional matters as well as a large number of key contacts.

Aside from her main activity, she runs the RFS, the network of training centres involved in floor coverings.


Webinar | Julie Chaminade

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