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Building the future with BIM data

In our webinar 'Building the Future with BIM Data', Marie Rouel and Matthew Jackson explore how Building Information Modeling (BIM) data can be used to address environmental challenges.

Webinar BIM data | Forbo Flooring Systems

Free webinar Building the Future with BIM Data

How can you make objective sustainability choices? And how can Building Information Modeling (BIM) data be used to address environmental challenges, now and in the future?

In this webinar host Marsha Simon and expert speakers Matthew Jackson and Marie Rouel explore the ways in which the climate crisis is affecting the built environment, and how new demands and requirements will impact the industry in the coming years.

Matthew, Co-Founder and Director of ZERO Carbon Construction, discusses the new demands and requirements that the industry will need to address in the coming years, and how BIM data can help meet these needs.

Marie, Key Account Manager at BIMobject, discusses the ways in which BIM data is changing and evolving to meet the needs of the industry in the face of the climate crisis.

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New host: Marsha Simon

Marsha Simon is an energetic, independent speaker and programme maker. For more than 10 years, she has been conducting weekly conversations between designers, their partners, clients, and the public. She is known for asking in-depth questions that challenge people to think from a different perspective. Marsha has many years of experience moderating inspiration sessions around sustainable production processes and leading panel discussions on meta-topics such as co-creative collaboration and meaningful design.

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Webinar host Marsha Simon | Forbo Flooring Systems
Webinar Building the Future with BIM Data | Matthew Jackson | Forbo Flooring Systems

About Matthew Jackson

Matthew is a dedicated advocate for sustainability and digital transformation within the built environment. With a background in architecture, tech startups, SaaS, strategic development and marketing, he has worked to revolutionize the way we use data around building products.

Currently a co-founder and director at ZERO Construct, Matthew is building a network of empowered activators through education and awareness of issues related to reducing embodied carbon. While at BIMobject, he worked on capital projects aimed at understanding Total Cost of Ownership and Life Cycle Analysis across an estate perspective.


Webinar Building the Future with BIM Data | Marie Rouel | Forbo Flooring Systems

About Marie Rouel

Marie Rouel is Key Account Manager at BIMobject, the global leading BIM marketplace for the construction industry. The platform connects AECOs and manufacturers together to digitalize construction and create a sustainable future.

Marie strategically supports key clients in the DACH region and in several European countries via the Munich office of BIMobject.
She has many years of experience in the digital and SaaS sector and works with German and international industries together. She is connected with several associations of manufacturers, and associations for construction software.


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