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Wissenschaftszentrum Bonn

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Promoting Science and Education

Gifting education, creating knowledge, enabling innovation – this has been the Stifterverband’s motto since 1920. A motto which symbolises the shared responsibility by businesses and foundations for science and education in Germany.

The Stifterverband is a business community initiative advocating long-term improvement of the German education and research landscape. In order to achieve this goal, the Stifterverband provides funding for universities and research institutes, supports talents, analyses the higher education system, and devises recommendations for policymakers and business.

The Stifterverband covers 3,000 businesses, trade associations, foundations and private individuals. Together, they form one of Germany’s biggest private academic patrons. Virtually all major German corporate groups are involved on the executive board and other committees – as are SME-owners and representatives from scientific institutions.

The Stifterverband exclusively finances its non-for-profit activities through the contributions and donations from its members and patrons. It is thanks to this fully private funding, that the Stifterverband is independent and able to act in a flexible, non-bureaucratic manner free of any government regulations. This facilitates the completion of projects which would otherwise be unlikely to find public sponsors.

They used item Artoleum Piano (over 300 m²) in colour 3641

Architect spatial design, Ettlingen
Installation Floorhouse GmbH, Bonn
Date of completion August 2015
Project name Wissenschaftszentrum Bonn - Wiedereröffnung Casino
Building contractor Wissenschaftszentrum Bonn
Photographer Tobias D. Kern / Atelier für Mediengestaltung, Köln
Location Bonn, Deutschland

Used Flooring products


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