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Marmoleum stories


The laboratory | photo by Forbo Flooring
The Amsterdam Museum Laboratory in the Hermitage Amsterdam Museum Wing | photo by Marijke Griffioen

The Amsterdam Museum

Since its permanent location is undergoing extensive renovations, the Amsterdam Museum was temporarily relocated to the Hermitage Amsterdam in March 2022.

The museum has taken up residence in the Hermitage's Amsterdam Museum wing, where it showcases an entirely new collection, created by Studio LA. The exhibition 'Panorama Amsterdam: a Living History of the City' offers the visitor a multifaceted picture of the many histories of the city of Amsterdam. By connecting stories from the past, present, and future, a broader perspective of the city emerges: Amsterdam in all of its facets.

The rooftop of the laboratory | photo by Amsterdam Museum

The Lab

At the centre of the exhibition, Studio LA created a laboratory, a rectangle space showing new perspectives on the collection and making connections between current themes and historical objects. From the rooftop of the laboratory, the audience can have a bird's-eye perspective of the works and the space. This space is also intended to be used by artists in residence.

The lab is a spatial intervention that stimulates creating new connections between the present day and the historical works.

Creating a beautifully layered depth with Marmoleum

For the design of the space, the idea was to offer an accessible, light, and optimistic atmosphere. A cool light color scheme was selected to create an environment that generates the feeling of having space to breathe and think, and to offer a future-oriented spatial experience, open for change.

To create this mood, a light pink and light grey color was selected for the walls. For the flooring, Marmoleum Concrete 3739 blue glow has been installed, selected for its cool tone and its richness in color details, giving the surface a beautifully layered depth.

The Laboratory space in the Hermitage Amsterdam Museum Wing | photo by Forbo Flooring
Interior labratory space with Marmoleum concrete blue glow installed | photo by Amsterdam Museum
Marmoleum Concrete | 3739 blue glow

Inclusive architecture

Studio LA is an architectural practice in Amsterdam, founded by architects Lorien Beijaert and Arna Mačkić. A recurring theme in the work of Studio LA is the accessibility of cities, buildings, and the public domain. Their architectural projects often relate to inclusion and exclusion mechanisms, refugees, and collective identity.

Studio LA has won several awards, including the Dutch Design Award 2014 and the Maaskant Prize for Young Architects 2017. In 2021, they received the Groninger Architectuurprijs for Het Geheugenbalkon (the Memory Balcony). In April 2022, Studio LA was nominated for the Prix the Rome Architecture award, the oldest and most prestigious architecture award in The Netherlands.

Studio LA, Lorien Beijaert and Arna Mačkić | photo by Siese Veenstra

With special thanks to:

Arna Mačkić
Gal Keshet | directing, filming and editing
Marijn Smulders | photography portrait Arna Mačkić
Siese Veenstra | photography of The Memory Balcony

Amsterdam Museum | photography exhibition Amsterdam Museum in Hermitage