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Behind the Collection: Marmoleum Linear

Marijke Griffioen, Senior Designer at Forbo Flooring Systems
January 2022

Marmoleum Linear mood board and images

Recently, we refreshed our Marmoleum Linear collection, designed to add warmth and comfort to a room and reflect evolving trends in public buildings. We caught up with Marijke Griffioen, our Senior Designer here at Forbo Flooring Systems, to discover more about the range and what inspired the update.

Can you describe the Marmoleum Linear design?

The Linear pattern has a deep instinctive connection to nature. It is associated with natural materials such as wood because of its uneven stripes, emphasising softness and comfort. The collection includes delicate, subtle striped patterns as well as more outspoken, contrasting ones, providing a wide range of potential applications.

Linear, for instance, can be utilized as a subtle directional and connective guide between different areas inside a building, or it can be used in a more architectonic, grandiose fashion to make a strong and outspoken spatial statement.

Marijke Griffioen Senior Designer at Forbo Flooring
Mood board showing Marmoleum Linear products

What trends had an impact on the collection's refresh?

Linear was designed to have a distinct look and feel from our Solid and Marbled collections. As public spaces move away from the institutional look and toward a more human-centric approach – where the emphasis is on the health, wellbeing, and comfort of end users – our mission was to help create that 'feel at home' atmosphere.

This primarily entails introducing more natural colour palettes to a space in order to add warmth and comfort. Another trend that influenced the range was the increased desire to bring nature inside, as well as the need for flexible spaces that can easily adapt to a variety of functions, such as in offices, through the concept of floor zoning.

So, how has the colour palette been updated?

When we looked back at our existing Marmoleum Striato Linear collection, which was first introduced in 2016, we discovered that the neutral colour options were the most popular. Market research confirmed that these colours drive the 'feel at home' experience and are purposefully used by our customers to create a friendly atmosphere within a space. As a result, we based the range on this information.

The Marmoleum Linear collection now includes 16 items (11 of which are new), divided into four neutral colour groups with four colours each. Cool greys, warm greys, earth tones, and warm browns are among them. All four cool grey shades are entirely new, and I believe that their inclusion greatly expands the range.

Marmoleum Linear Mood board and room shot image
Marmoleum Linear 5251 Black Glacier 5253 Bleached Gold in office

Where would you recommend using Marmoleum Linear?

Over the years, Linear has proven its strength in all sectors around the world. This refreshed collection's warm and natural colour palette is ideal for creating a homely feel in application areas such as communal spaces, waiting areas, and patient rooms in hospitals and care homes, where you want people to feel at ease and relaxed. It is ideal for use in educational settings such as libraries and study areas.

However, the natural striated, linear design also offers great opportunities for use in offices, hospitality, and leisure. The natural linear design helps to conceal soil, and the Topshield finish makes cleaning and maintenance simple for end users.

What are the collection's sustainable credentials?

The weighted average of Marmoleum Linear, like the majority of our Marmoleum product ranges, is confirmed as climate positive (cradle to gate) without offsetting. This is critical, especially in the current climate, where the importance of making informed decisions cannot be overstated.

Linear is low in emissions and free of plasticizers and synthetic additives because it is made from 97% natural raw materials. Comfortable by nature, the flooring solution contributes to creating healthy and sustainable indoor environments.

Raw materials linoleum

How can Marmoleum Linear be used in combination with other Forbo products?

Not only can the collection's colourways be used together to create beautiful floor designs, but they also work well with other Marmoleum ranges. Mix and match with items from our Marmoleum Solid or Marbled ranges, for example, to create cosy corners and seating areas with a residential look in public areas and circulation spaces.

Marmoleum Linear 5254 Red Horse Marmoleum Walton 3370 Terracotta

What is it about this collection that you are most proud of?

I am incredibly happy that we were able to create an approachable and versatile collection with a straightforward, simple, and convincing story. It appears to be a collection that is true to its individual characteristics. While the design is quite minimalistic, the collection still feels very rich to me, with many layers and the potential for a wide range of aesthetics.

In addition, I am very pleased with the outcome of the studio photography. The images show how Marmoleum Linear can be used to create a modern and comfortable environment with a warm and welcoming feel in any application area or segment.