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Forbo EZvation

Do you consider your current flooring an asset or a liability? We have listened to your frustrations and developed a series of solutions that will turn your next floor from a liability into an asset.


Forbo EZvations include our Forbo 100 adhesive system, ArmorCove and Marmoweld ETU products which focus on reducing costs through efficient use of materials, improved labor efficiency, and providing immediate-on occupancy.

• Provide immediate-on occupancy
• Reduce installation downtime
• Make the existing labor more efficient by simplifying labor skills required
• Can eliminate the need for moisture mitigation costs
• Provide hygienic, watertight floors
• Eliminate cracked and punctured coving problems
• Assist in the prevention of infection control concerns
• Increase long term flooring performance


  • Forbo Ezvations EN

    EZvation Healthcare Sellsheet

  • EZvation Brochure Education EN

    EZvation Education Sellsheet

  • Marmoleum OR

    Marmoleum in Operating Rooms

  • Marmoleum Modular Guide Specification

    Marmoleum Modular IOiS Guide Specification

  • Marmoleum Modular Guide Specification

    Marmoleum Sheet IOiS Guide Specification

  • EZvation LTC

    EZvation Senior Living

  • EZvation LTC

    EZvation LTC

  • Marmoweld ETU Color Chart

    Marmoweld ETU Color Chart


Our patented preformed Marmoleum coving solution for safe, durable flash coving that is easy to install and maintain.

• Puncture-proof Guarantee
• Eliminates cracked and punctured cove
• Simplified labor skills
• Hygienic, watertight solutions

Learn more here


ArmorCove Fence

A pre-cut kit that creates the fence required for accurate, consistent cutting of ArmorCove. The parts come pre-cut with the hardware and the fence is ready to be assembled on the installer’s saw. (Saw not included)

ArmorCove Fence

Forbo 100 Adhesives

Immediate occupancy adhesive system for Marmoleum sheet and tile that eliminates moisture testing and long set up times.

• Can eliminate the need for costly moisture mitigation
• No moisture testing required
• Reduce installation downtime
• Simplified (EZ) installation

Learn more here


Marmoweld ETU

Color coordinating cold weld used to complete the installation of Forbo Marmoleum products in place of heat welding.

• The eliminates likely damage caused by traditional heat welding mistakes
• Hygienic, watertight solution
• Helps repair deep scratches and gouges without the need for replacement 

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Marmoweld EZ to use

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