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Who wouldn't want to save time, money and effort?

Flotex Next is the first adhesive free textile flocked floor covering and can be used in high traffic applications. It can be installed quickly without adhesives, but is even more time and cost efficient at time of replacement. The floor covering is suitable for sustainable solutions due to the reusability of the product.

Flotex Next

Flotex H&L Geometric/Graphic - Trianon Border Zincun 252301
Flotex digital library Constructed pattern 271002F & Flotex Naturals 010079F

Fast flooring solution

The Flotex Next adhesive free flocked flooring combines the incredible performance of Flotex with the benefits of a loose lay installed floor. Not having to use installation adhesive makes Flotex Next very suitable for busy areas: installation time is reduced and there is minimal disruption or lingering adhesive odours. Flotex Next can be walked on immediately after installation.

With Flotex Next only a very short time is needed to prepare the substrate and the installation itself requires a limited number of operations. Only minimal preparation of the subfloor is required and the application of the adhesive and the drying time of the glue do not have to be taken into account. A new floor can be installed with minimal downtime or even without closing the premises.

Product construction

• adhesive free flocked flooring solution
• rapid installation with minimal downtime and disturbance
• can be walked on immediately after installation
• long term benefit of quick removal, replacement and recycling or reuse possibilities

1: nylon 6.6 pile | 2: pile adhesive | 3: fibreglass #1 | 4: fibreglass scrim | 5: compact layer | 6: fibreglass #2 | 7: closed cell PVC backing

Use the Forbo Flooring prescribed tape at the joints. See the Flotex Next installation guidance note in our download center for further information.

Product construction Flotex Next
Flotex created by Mac Stopa_tweed

Flotex Next - how to order

The Flotex Next construction is available for our Flotex Naturals, Hospitality & Leisure and Created by collections and for all Flotex items in the digital library.

Each Flotex item has a colourway number. Add the code NX as a suffix behind the colourway number to specify your required Next construction.

Example: you want the colour tweed from the Flotex Created by Mac Stopa collection. Take the colourway number of tweed which is 360018F, and add NX behind the number: 360018FNX.

The advantages at a glance

New builds
• Shorter installation times
• No adhesives necessary
• Reduced maintenance and service costs
• Same supplied & fitted price as a glue-down floor covering (initial installation)

• Installation while premises are in use without any disruption
• Instantly ready for use after installation
• Possibility of covering old floor tiles (ceramic tiles, compact vinyl, etc.)

Flotex Next_bar graphs installation
Flotex Next_advantages overview

About Flotex

Flotex flocked flooring is a unique textile flooring that combines the hard wearing & durable characteristics of a resilient floor with the quality, warmth and comfort of a carpet. Flotex is available in sheet, tiles and planks.

• Easy to clean and maintain
• Hygienic: nylon fibres capture allergens and fine dust from the air, which they effortlessly release with every cleaning action
• Only textile floor covering certified by the British Allergy Foundation
• Minimizes risk of slips and falls on wet and dry floor
• Great sound absorption properties and low impact sound transmission