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Digital Library

Digitally printed flooring

Something different
Although we have a very wide range of flooring options we can still imagine that you are looking for something completely different. With the possibility of digital printing new opportunities arise. We can print both on vinyl and flotex. Digital print offers an infinite number of design options ranging from abstracts with intricate colour spectrums to realistic images of natural materials like grass and water. Create 3D depth or a “trompe d ‘oeil” effect on your floor.

Digital library
We have grouped our 'standard' digital print offer in a separate digital library FloorVisualizer where you can choose from 8 different categories and see how these floors look in a room. A number of designs in this digital library can be recoloured, you choose the colours and make the standard design your own.

All digital printed Flotex items are also available in an adhesive free flooring solution: Flotex Next. You can order a Flotex Next floor by adding the code NX as a suffix behind the regular colour number.

Aldinga children centre - eternal digital print
Flower rhapsody rust | Flotex
Linear flotex vision


Who doesn't get happy of flowers? A feeling of spring or overwhelming colours, just put it on the floor. Our Floral category offers it all. Big flowers, flower petals or even a Van Gogh at your feet.
Happy days secured!
See the Floral category in the digital library


When in need of a more directional flooring, have a look at the Linear category. The design Cord in this section can even be recoloured in the colours that match your design most.
Follow the lines!
See the Linear category in the digital library

Digital library | Textile
Digital library | Geometric | Graphic


You will be amazed by how tactile the designs in the textile category look. People surely want to touch the floor to understand what they are looking at. Whether in flotex or in vinyl both look amazing.
See the Textile category in the digital library

Geometric | Graphic

Lively floors with moving lines or prints all over the place can make a room stand out. A special design can help make the location more attractive and help people to stay actively involved.
See the Geometric | Graphic category in the digital library

organic custom flooring
natural world custom flooring


Organic shapes have a clear repetition which makes the floor lively but still calm. In this category there are 3 designs that can be recoloured to give it your own twist.
See the Organic category in the digital library

Natural World

Walking on grass or autumn leaves gives a feeling of connection with nature. We can simulate this feeling a little bit by printing these designs on a floor. Bring nature inside.
See the Natural world category in the digital library

Terrazzo Large
Blue Terrazzo

Stone | Ceramic

Terrazzo or Portuguese tiles remain a standard in the flooring industry. When the real stone is not an option in the room, you can always choose these true to nature digital print versions.
See the Stone | Ceramic category in the digital library


With this category we have grouped the most stunning designs. The floors do what it says; 'making a statement'. It can help make the first impression and let people remember how it looked for ever.
See the Statement category in the digital library

Fast flooring solution

Our regular Flotex sheet products have to be installed with glue, but for the flocked flooring items from our digital library we also offer a loose lay option:
Flotex Next
Flotex Next adhesive free flooring combines the incredible performance of Flotex with the benefits of a loose lay installed floor. Not having to use installation adhesive makes the floor very suitable for busy areas: installation time is reduced and there is minimal disruption or lingering adhesive odours. Flotex Next can be walked on immediately after installation.

You can order a Flotex Next floor by adding the code NX as a suffix behind the regular colour number.

Fast flooring logo
Custom flooring

Custom flooring

When even the existing digital design collection is not enough, we can go one step further. You design your own floor! Using your logo, printing a picture that connects with your company or location, it is possible. For a custom floor we need you to get in contact with us so we can work on it together with our design team and the technical people at the digital printer who have all the knowledge of what is possible. Fill in the contact form, describe your wishes and we will be in touch.

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Custom Flooring - How does it work?

Custom Flooring - Examples