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Aged Care Flooring

Flooring for Aged Care Facilities

With millions of square meters of our floor coverings installed in aged care facilities all over the world, Forbo is at the forefront when it comes to understanding the needs and concerns of any aged care facility.

Aged care flooring

Expertise in Aged care

Expertise in aged care

Choosing floor coverings for care facilities can be challenging. It's about more than just function and performance; it’s about creating an ambience that helps residents feel comfortable and relaxed. Your choice of floor covering should also help to improve infection control and create hygienic environments. At the same time it's essential that finishes stand up to the daily demands of a live, operating care home.

At Forbo, our range of products and services help in your decision making. From our free sample service, in-house design support, DSDC-accredited products and our dedicated sales team trained in dementia-friendly design, we'll help you take the next steps.

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Flooring for Aged Care

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    Entrances Areas

    Safe and sound

    Entrances Areas

    When it comes to care homes, it's not just the residents' feet you have to think about. Round the clock staff shifts and the constant flow of visitors mean entrance areas can take quite a pounding, and wet and dirty soiling can be trailed into the reception area and beyond. Not only can this damage interior floor coverings, it also creates unnecessary health and safety hazards.

  • Communal Areas

    Communal Areas

    Social Environments

    Communal Areas

    Communal areas not only have to provide comforting and stimulating social areas for residents, they also need to be able to withstand the wear and tear of daily life in a busy home. Residents should be able to enjoy their social areas without worrying about the floor.

  • Living areas

    Living Areas

    Feeling at home

    Living Areas

    The resident's room is the room that replaces the previous apartment and is often the only private retreat in a senior citizens facility. Resident's living rooms and bedrooms are the space they can call their own. The design of the rooms should be based on normal living environments and convey familiarity and calm. In addition to living in the communal areas, residents can come to themselves here, pursue their own interests and find relaxation and tranquility.

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    Bathrooms & Wetrooms

    Safety first

    Bathrooms & Wetrooms

    In Aged Care facilities, slip resistance is a paramount consideration. Responsible for many accidents that lead to injury, slips and trips, floors have a lot to answer for. By choosing a slip resistance safety flooring, the number of accidents caused by slipping can be reduced significantly.

    Forbo offers its particle enhanced Step safety vinyl flooring which has guaranteed life time slip resistant performance. Varying from R10 slip resistance to R11 & R12 for areas where higher slip risk is identified, like professional kitchens.
    For areas where water or spillages could affect safety underfoot, like bathroom facilities, Forbo offers Step wetroom flooring and Onyx+ wall coverings.

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    Circulation spaces


    Corridors are primarily movement spaces that connect different areas of a facility. In everyday living and care, they also serve as a meeting and exchange between residents. If the spatial structure permits, they can "go for a walk" with one another or follow their urge to move. Recreational niches invite you to take a break, relax and linger. Seating options that are close to common areas are particularly popular, so that what is happening there can be followed and at the same time a certain distance can be maintained.


Products to use in aged care

Marmoleum – linoleum sheet

Proven to inhibit the growth and spread of infections such as MRSA, Norovirus and C Difficile, Forbo's Marmoleum products contribute to a healthier and more hygienic environment.

Marmoleum’s unique Topshield finish reduces soiling and is resistant to staining from hand disinfectants. Approved by Allergy UK thanks to its smooth surface, Marmoleum does not harbour house dust mites.

The weighted average of the Marmoleum product range is CO2 neutral (cradle to gate) without offsetting. Marmoleum has been awarded 12 independent Ecolabels – more than any other floor covering worldwide.
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Surestep Laguna Wetroom

Step – Safety. Design. Confidence

In care facilities, slip resistance is of prime consideration in areas where water or spillages could affect underfoot safety. For residents, being able to use bathroom facilities without fear of slipping provides peace of mind. So it’s vital to find a range of products that can significantly reduce the risk of slips in wet areas, while also creating a modern, fresh interior.

Forbo’s safety flooring collection Step can reduce the risk of slip hazards in bathrooms, walk-in showers and wet rooms. With R10, R11, R12 and barefoot options, the Step collection offers guaranteed lifetime slip resistance across a variety of designs to create a modern, yet homely aesthetic.

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Eternal – general purpose vinyl sheet

Design Vinyl Sheet

Eternal flooring helps you transform your community spaces by delivering the natural look of a home with an easy to clean, highly practical surface.

Available in both realistic wood and stone designs, the Eternal collection creates a warm, welcoming space where residents will feel comfortable. Its high tech PVC wear layer and PUR Pearl finish means it will keep its as new appearance, even after many years of intensive use.

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Sphera Element

Sphera – homogeneous vinyl sheet

Our Sphera homogeneous flooring is produced with the latest technology and comes in two ranges. Sphera Element offers a sophisticated palette of 62 colours, many of which offer high LRVs. Sphera Energetic delivers a fresher and brighter palette with complementary colour banks.

Sphera is a superb flooring choice for care facilities. Not only is it extremely durable, but it also boasts a SMART-top surface finish with a high resistance to chemicals, scratches and stains. It's also 100% phthalate free and has very low emissions, helping to ensure high indoor air quality.
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Sarlon – acoustic vinyl sheet

Forbo's Sarlon acoustic vinyl absorbs sound to create a calmer environment for residents.

Communal areas of care homes can be noisy places. Achieving lower noise pollution is key to reducing stress and promoting the comfort and wellbeing of residents.

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Sarlon 433713

Allura flex – luxury vinyl tiles

Convenience and Style

With Forbo's Allura planks and tiles you can create an interior with personality - without compromising on durability.

Both practical and easy to clean, Allura delivers high quality aesthetics with low maintenance costs.

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Flotex – flocked flooring

Flotex flocked flooring from Forbo, is the perfect solution. It combines the comfort, warmth and acoustic properties of a textile floor covering with the practical, hygienic advantages of resilient flooring.

Comfortable to walk on and warm underfoot, Flotex is easy to clean and durable. It also has excellent slip resistance and acoustic properties. And should accidents happen, germs and bacteria won't stand a chance thanks to the upright fibres of Flotex flocked flooring. Incredibly quick and easy to clean, it's also the only textile floor covering on the market with the prestigious Allergy UK Seal of Approval - proven to positively impact the lives of allergy sufferers.

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Tessera – carpet tiles

Tessera carpet tiles help create a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere for residents, while also being sufficiently durable to cope with daily footfall. And if a carpet tile is accidentally soiled or damaged it can be lifted and replaced easily - there's no need to replace the entire floor covering.

Available in tiles and planks, and offering a wide range of colours and designs, Tessera carpet tiles deliver superb underfoot comfort and acoustic properties (of up to 30dB).

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Wetroom flooring

Slip resistant wetroom flooring offers residents peace of mind that they can use bathroom facilities without the fear of slipping.

Forbo's Step safety flooring and Onyx vinyl wall coverings deliver a complete wetroom solution. Step's particle enhanced slip resistance flooring provides lasting protection and optimal hygiene, while Onyx+ offers a smooth, hygienic wall surface in a range of contemporary colours.

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FastFit logo

Fast Fit Flooring

Forbo's Fast Fit Flooring is a collection of genuinely adhesive free products, including entrance products and interior flooring ranges, which come in tile, sheet and plank format for maximum flexibility. All our Fast Fit products are perfect for refurbishments, particularly where speed of installation and minimum disruption is essential.

Fast Fit Flooring can be used immediately after installation, so there’s no need to wait 48 hours before using the floor. And as no adhesives or subfloor preparation is required, in most cases the clinical cleaning requirements are reduced and there are no lingering odours, improving well-being for residents and staff.

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Nuway & Coral - entrance systems

Round the clock shifts, deliveries and a constant flow of visitors mean entrance and circulation areas take quite a pounding. Unfortunately, many people don't stop to wipe their feet properly before entering a building, so wet and dirt are trailed into the reception area and beyond. This can damage the aesthetics of interior floor finishes, while also creating potential slip hazards on hard floors within the building.

According to Cleaning Research International, soil and moisture tracked in on soles of shoes and tyres of wheeled traffic can account for up to 95% of the dirt brought in to a building . Taking the time to choose an effective entrance flooring system is crucial, as this ensures that staff, residents and visitors can enjoy a safe transition from the entrance.
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Aquajet Bulletin Board LIKE

Bulletin Board

The All Natural Solution to Hold Your Thoughts

Bulletin Board is an all natural pin board linoleum that can be applied directly to the wall or in framed pin boards. Bulletin Board doesn't attract dust and its bacteriostatic properties make it ideal for care environments.

It can also be used in public areas for communication with residents, visitors and staff as well as in residents' rooms to display personal mementos.
Visit our Bulletin board pages

Dementia Flooring

Designing for dementia

Flooring is a key factor in designing a dementia environment as it has significant impact on safety and orientation, giving patients confidence, security and independence.

Forbo are committed to contributing towards a safe and pleasurable environment, and providing a sense of well-being, for residents of special care and dementia institutions. That's why we've partnered with Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC), an international centre that draws on 25 years of global research and practice, to identify which of our products can contribute to improving quality of life for people with dementia.

DSDC & Forbo colleboration

Our dementia friendly flooring selection

There is no exact science to designing for dementia. What is ‘good and acceptable’ in one country may well be considered ‘questionable or not accepted’ in another. The key is to make decisions based on the demands of the specific project, on common sense, and on the basic design principles which lie at the heart of every interior design.

In a dementia environment no single design element stands alone. The floor is an integral part of the design, together with the wall colourings, doors, furniture, sanitary fitting and lighting schemes. Contrast in lightness between various objects is important, as is providing harmony within the individual objects.

The designs in our collections are coordinated and muted, so that people do not get confused or tempted to try to 'pick up' design elements from the floor. Our designs are matt, avoiding any disturbing reflection and, by their nature, providing a homely atmosphere.

Textile, vinyl and linoleum designs generate a recollection of the past and create an environment that looks like home. Finally, choices are made in a way that, when applied correctly, ensure there are no transitions between different surfaces that are difficult to manage in old age.

Colour and colour combinations

When designing for dementia, colour is a matter of taste. So in our selection we have not made a colour choice as such. Instead we closely analysed the contrast and harmony of the colours to ensure designs can be created that complement, and where necessary contrast with, the colours of other interior elements such as walls and furniture. Contrasting floor colours in a building can be used to indicate certain areas are off-limit, e.g. staff areas, or indicate a clearly different space, e.g. stairs, bathroom, or toilet.

Light refection values

Light reflection values (LRV) are essential design tools for dementia environments. We have added the LRV of all products to our dementia flooring selection, meaning combinations of various colours and products can be made using identical or contrasting LRVs for the area that needs to be furnished. As LRVs are a universal measurement for all materials, the LRV of wall covering or furniture can be measured against the colours chosen for the floor. In our set-up you can see the light reflection values of all products grouped together, which allows you to make an informed choice within a certain LRV range - or decide to go beyond that. In this way the LRV guide of the dementia flooring selection is a practical tool for designers of dementia environments.

30 step LRV rule

Our dementia floor covering selection

For the applications in dementia environments we have selected the following floor coverings:

Marmoleum: Our natural Marmoleum floors are available in a wide range of tranquil allover designs. Marmoleum has a smooth surface which makes maneuvering easy even when walking has become a ‘shuffle’.
See the Marmoleum selection in our product finder

Step slip resistant vinyl: Step safety vinyl is available in natural wood and stone designs as well as various muted colors. The traditional shiny non slip particles have been replaced by mat crystals that do not light up.
See the Step safety flooring selection in our product finder

Eternal design vinyl sheet: Eternal is available in mute all over natural designs that mimic homely environments. Seamless application is ideal for corridors as well as living areas.
See the Eternal vinyl selection in our product finder

Allura luxury vinyl tiles: Allura tiles create realistic natural floors without the hazard of tripping or seams opening up. Easy to install and decorative. Out of the wide collection of designs we have chosen the most suitable and muted, tone in tone items.
See the Allura selection in our product finder

Flotex flocked flooring: this textile floor covering is created from a densely packed nylon flock surface mounted on a vinyl backing. It can be cleaned with water detergent and scrubbers and as such is the most hygienic textile in the market.
See the Flotex selection in our product finder

Health & Hygiene


Marmoleum is the desired flooring solution for aged care facilities. Senior care facilities and assisted living environments all benefit from Marmoleum as it's a hygienic floor covering solution that's easy to clean and maintain as well as being safe, durable and comfortable for wheeled and foot traffic.

✔ Infection control
✔ Phthalates free
✔ Prevents growth of bacteria
✔ Allergy approved
✔ Low emission

Marmoleum's ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria stems from the natural raw materials in its production, namely linseed oil. As a key property of Marmoleum, its anti-bacterial qualities won't diminish over time, delivering peace of mind and continual protection from the moment it's installed.

Independent testing by the University of Glasgow has proven that Marmoleum has a unique suitability for a diverse range of environments where hygiene and control of bacteria such as MRSA or E. coli is an everyday concern. The test results for MRSA, Norovirus and C-DIFF can be downloaded below.


Thanks to its smooth surface, Marmoleum does not harbour house dust mites. As a result Marmoleum has been awarded the Allergy UK Seal of Approval. With the correct, regular cleaning regime this can help to improve indoor environments.
Marmoleum Allergy UK Certificate


Flotex has been awarded the Allergy UK Seal of Approval. Due to its unique nylon construction, allergens are trapped within its densely packed flocks, so reducing the number of allergens in the atmosphere.
Flotex Allergy UK Certificate


Get inspired by our references

Many aged care facilities throughout the world use Forbo floors. Visit our reference section to get inspired by examples of Forbo flooring solutions in aged care environments. Our reference overview will help you review products in use and see how they are applied.
See references



To help you create your floor and make up your mind what will fit best we offer a range of tools and services. Our FloorVisualizer will help you visualise any of our floors in an aged care environment, and even see how you might combine them.
Start playing with our FloorVisualizer

Custom flooring

Custom flooring

Our design service can go even further - we can help you design your floor. Our team of designers is ready for you; just get in touch and tell us your requirements. You can send us pictures of your current situation or your desired solution and we will come back with floorplans and product proposals.
Contact our design team


  • Forbo Care (DSDC) brochure

    Forbo Care/DSDC Guide

  • Design for the Mind Whitepaper

    Whitepaper: Neurodiversity in the Built Environment

Global player

Global partnerships

Forging global partnerships with our key clients is entrusted to our most experienced Key Account Managers. Dedicated to customer care, their only remit is to ensure that Forbo delivers you a flooring solution ideally suited to your needs.

• We can supply international quotations and have experience with international order processes and local regulations
• We manage international logistics
• 20 years partnerships with worldwide customers

As a global partner we stand next to you on a local level. Our design team will offer guidance and assistance as required. Our technicians speak the language of the flooring installers ensuring everybody is aligned.

Leading global manufacturer

• Forbo Flooring Systems is part of the Swiss Forbo Group

• Key figures Forbo Group 2019:
> Net sales 1282.2 CHF Mio
> Employees 5.600

• Worldwide presence:
> 25 production facilities and distribution companies
> 6 assembly centres
> 48 pure sales organisations in a total of 38 countries across the globe

• European manufacturer with factories in The United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and Russia.

• European logistics and responsiveness

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earth environment

Leading in environment

We care about you and the environment

• We have received various labels and certification for our products and production facilities.
• All our manufacturing sites are ISO certified. Raw materials are used efficiently and waste is recycled whenever possible.
• We are committed to social responsibility. Forbo sites are certified according to SA8000.

creating better environments

Reliable service

We offer:
• A sole source of supply for all your flooring requirements
• Local advice, support and cross border project management
• Efficiencies of scale, certainty of supply and rapid delivery

Above all, we promise one single contract and one single point of contact to save you time and money.

Forbo Design service
Sales regions

Think global, act local

Local teams working with local representatives

Throughout the project your Forbo Key Account Manager is your single point of contact for any questions, from anywhere in the world.

We believe this approach saves you time, eliminates hassle and uncertainty, and ensures consistency and reliability, no matter how complex your project.