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Tessera & Flotex Carpet Tiles & Planks

  • Flotex Colour - s445021 Canyon Limestone
    Flotex Colour tiles

    Flotex Colour tiles

    Four versatile and fresh designs make up the Flotex Colour collection: Metro, Calgary, Canyon & Penang. All 90 colourways are available in sheet and tile format, with 36 references also available in planks. On this page you can find all information regarding the Flotex Colour tiles, which are 50x50 cm.

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About Flotex tiles

Flotex tiles

Flotex flocked flooring tiles combine easily with other flooring types, structures or formats and are the ideal solution when you are looking to build a unique flooring concept with different designs and colours.

Strong & comfortable
● Straight polyamide 6.6 fibres create a strong, durable high tech textile for spaces with high footfall and wheeled traffic.
● Densely placed fibres (over 70 million per m2) deliver a warm, comfortable surface.
● Flotex tiles are highly dimensional stable due to their double strength glass fibre reinforcement.

Hygienic & washable
● Polyamide fibres (flock) capture fine dust and allergens easily released when vacuumed.
● Flotex carries Allergy UK's Seal of Approval™.
● Its impervious backing means Flotex is suitable for mechanical wet cleaning. The Flotex surface dries quickly, always restoring to its original function and appearance.

Safe & quiet
● Flotex offers a safe environment for all ages by preventing slipping and tripping in dry and wet conditions.
● Cushioned backing brings superb sound absorption, making Flotex an acoustic flooring solution (class A), with up 22 dB impact sound reduction.

Flotex Colour - 545022, 545024, 545028

Technical & Environmental

Technical specification Flotex

Installation, Cleaning & Maintenance

Installation, Cleaning & Maintenance

Full installation, cleaning and maintenance instructions for the Flotex flocked flooring range can be downloaded below. Flotex Planks and Tiles can also be installed adhesive free using the IOBAC MagTabs system. Find out more

Flotex Tiles & Planks Installation Guide
Flotex Tiles & Planks Installation with IOBAC MagTabs Guidance
Flotex Floor Care
Flotex range guarantee statement
Forbo Adhesive Guide

Forbo also offer a full range of tools, installation aids and Eurocol installation products. To visit our full Installation and Floorcare section, please click here

Click here to watch our ‘Clean and Care’ video to see how the floor below was quickly and simply cleaned to look just like a new floor:
Flotex Cleaning & Maintenance Video

Click here to watch our 'Installation' video:
Flotex Installation Video

Click here to watch our 'Repair' video:
Flotex Repair video

Flotex Cleaning

Images & Video

Flotex Tiles Images & Video

Click on the images below to get an impression of our Flotex flocked flooring tile ranges. Further, we provide you with more information about Flotex and the way to install Flotex floorings.

Brochure & Sample Book

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