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Rail Blogs

  • Tessera Layout FR 2117FR Surf | transport

    Tessera FR

    Tessera FR

  • Coral FR Entrance Flooring

    Protecting interior floor coverings

    Coral FR

    An effective entrance system that prolongs the lifetimes of interior floor coverings

    Stopping up to 95% of walked in dirt and moisture, effective entrance floor coverings can prolong the life of your rail vehicle interior floor coverings, as well as greatly reducing cleaning costs and the risk for slipping. With almost 50 years of experience Coral FR offers you the best entrance flooring solutions for your entrance areas on board rail vehicles.

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  • Arno Otten | Forbo Flooring Systems

    Meet the team

    Arno Otten

    Meet the team: Arno Otten

    International Product Manager for Coral, Arno Otten, talks to us about his role and how he spends his free time.

  • Bespoke design | Forbo Flooring Systems

    Bespoke Design

    custom flooring

    Bespoke designed floor coverings for rail vehicles

    Create your own masterpiece using Forbo Flloring Systems' custom design service. Our team of experienced designers is ready to assist you at any stage of the design process, tailoring their involvement to meet your specific needs. Whether you seek guidance in developing initial design concepts or require assistance in finalising digital visuals that you've already created, our design experts are here to bring your vision to life.

  • Custom Colour | Forbo Flooring Systems

    Custom Colourisation

    custom flooring

    Custom Colourisation

    Colour psychology has long been a subject of extensive research and fascination within the design community. It is widely acknowledged that various shades and hues can elicit different emotions in individuals. But how can we apply this knowledge to enhance the passenger experience? The answer lies in incorporating colour psychology into the interior design of trains, as the right choice of colours can significantly impact passenger well-being and overall satisfaction.

  • Sourcing for circularity | Going round, moving forward

    Sourcing for circularity

    Going round, moving forward

    Sourcing for circularity

    What role does sourcing and raw materials play in achieving circularity in the flooring industry? Find out how Forbo Flooring is leading the way with a forward-thinking use of resources.

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  • Zero carbon, zero waste | Going round, moving forward | Forbo Flooring Systems

    Zero carbon, zero waste

    Going round, moving forward

    Zero carbon, zero waste

    How can a sustainable manufacturing process support circularity in the flooring industry? Find out how Forbo Flooring reduces carbon emissions and waste during the production and distribution process.

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  • Meet the team | Forbo Flooring Systems

    Meet the team

    Jemma Masters

    Meet the team: Jemma Masters

    As a long-standing member of the Forbo team, Jemma Masters, Marketing Manager for the International Key Accounts team, talks to us about her role and how she spends her free time.

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  • Südostbayernbahn


    Marmoleum FR²

    Marmoleum FR² in Südostbayernbahn

    Forbo's Marmoleum FR² & Fleet FR were chosen for the Deutsche Bahn Südostbayernbahn idea train, which was presented at world's largest railway technology trade fair in Berlin, InnoTrans.

  • Maciej Kloc | Forbo Flooring Systems

    Meet the team

    Maciej Kloc

    Meet the team: Maciej Kloc

    An avid skier, gardener and sailor, Maciej Kloc, Key Account Manager for Transport and Industry for Poland, gives us an insight into his role within Forbo Flooring Systems, and talks to us about his inspirations and hobbies.

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  • Beatrice

    Meet the team

    Béatrice Balle-Coureau

    Meet the team: Béatrice Balle-Coureau

    Béatrice Balle-Coureau, International Product Manager Flotex, discusses her role within Forbo Flooring Systems, Describing how she works with many colleagues across different geographical markets and segments, in order to ensure that `Flotex` is meeting the current and future demands of our customers.

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  • About_Flotex Vision FR

    Real design freedom on rail vehicles

    Flotex FR

    Flotex FR textile floor coverings allow for real design freedom on rail vehicles

    The floor covering is a crucial element of a safe, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing interior on any rail passenger vehicle. There are several practical factors that must be considered when choosing the best floor covering type, such as the type of rail vehicle (e.g. intercity high speed, commuter, light rail), the quantity and frequency of passenger traffic and what entrance systems are in place to protect the internal floor coverings and finishes.

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  • Flotex FR

    Hygienic & easy to clean floorcoverings for rail vehicles

    Flotex FR

    Textile floorcoverings for rail vehicles, that are hygienic and easy to clean

    Forbo Flooring Systems’ flocked floor covering are ideal for use on passenger rail vehicles as they are durable, comfortable underfoot as well as easy to clean and maintain.

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  • Stefan Jordan

    Meet the team

    Stefan Jordan

    Meet the team: Stefan Jordan

    This month Stefan Jordan, Key Account Manager Transport Flooring for Forbo Flooring Systems, sat down to tell us a little more about his role and how he works with clients to achieve their flooring requirements.

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  • Marmoleum FR2 - vivace

    Delivering a greener footprint for rail vehicles

    Marmoleum FR2

    Marmoleum FR2 floor coverings are CO2 neutral, naturally

    A sustainable rail floor covering, created using a high % of natural raw materials, with renewable and recycled content. It is also CO2 neutral in the cradle to gate phase of the product’s life cycle.

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  • Flotex FR_Tracks

    Why choose Flotex FR?

    A unique, textile, flocked floor covering

    Flotex FR

    Flotex FR combines the cleaning properties and durability of a resilient flooring with the comfort, slip resistant and acoustic properties usually associated with textiles.

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  • Marmoleum FR2 - black hole

    Topshield pro

    Marmoleum FR² & Striato FR new surface finish

    Introducing Topshield Pro

    When it comes to sustainability, design and functionality, Marmoleum FR² & Striato FR is second to none – and it just got even better. Better for the environment, better appearance retention and better for you.
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  • Frederic Lepron

    Meet the team

    Frédéric Lépron

    Meet the team: Frédéric Lépron

    This month Frédéric Lépron, Key Account Manager Transport Flooring for Forbo Flooring Systems, sat down to tell us a little more about his role and how he works with clients to achieve their flooring requirements.

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  • Transpress blog | Marmoleum FR2

    Marmoleum FR²

    Updated Collection

    Marmoleum FR2 - updated collection

    Discover the natural beauty of Marmoleum FR2 floor coverings with over 140 references to choose from.

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  • Transpress blog | IdeasTrainCity


    a unique interior concept

    IdeasTrainCity, a unique interior concept

    Within the next 10 to 20 years, Deutsche Bahn expects that there will be more than one billion additional customers per year using railway transport to commute and travel. In order to create more capacity in their trains, DB, in collaboration with Neomind, have developed the IdeasTrainCity.

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  • Transpress blog | Marmoleum Striato FR

    Marmoleum Striato FR


    Refreshed Marmoleum Striato FR collection

    Creating comfortable spaces with the updated Marmoleum Striato FR floor coverings collection for rail.

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  • Transpress blog | Widest portfolio

    Floor & wall coverings

    The widest portfolio

    The widest portfolio of floor and wall coverings for rail vehicles

    Forbo Flooring Systems have a truly comprehensive and compliant floor and wall covering product offering for the global rail sector. Whether you are sourcing floor coverings for high speed, intercity, regional, light rail, trams or metro vehicles, we can provide you with an exceptional range of products and services.

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Marine Blogs

  • Eleanor Roosevelt | Forbo Flooring Systems

    Flotex FR features in

    the Eleanor Roosevelt Ferry

    Enhancing the Eleanor Roosevelt Ferry with Flotex FR

    Baleària’s 'Eleanor Roosevelt', which serves routes to the Balearic Islands, features over 2000 square metres of Flotex FR. We spoke with Iñigo Oliver from Oliver Design, who designed and fitted out more than 2,200 square metres of interiors on the ferry, about why Flotex FR was the perfect floor covering choice.

  • Flotex FR created by | Forbo Flooring Systems

    Flotex FR created by

    designer ranges

    Flotex FR created by

    Forbo Flooring's designer ranges are a result of fruitful collaborations with world-renowned designers, bringing together creative minds from across the globe. With Flotex FR flocked flooring, we offer an exceptional canvas for vibrant and captivating graphic designs. Utilizing cutting-edge digital printing technology, we breathe fresh life into our captivating patterns, which are meticulously crafted by our dedicated design team in partnership with talented designers.

  • Hathor | Forbo Flooring Systems

    Flotex chosen for

    Hathor Wherry

    Flotex chosen for the Hathor Wherry

    Flotex flooring was chosen for the Hathor Wherry, a 118-year-old wherry which has an interesting history. We sat down with Peter Bower to learn more about the boat and why Flotex was the perfect choice.

  • Flotex FR

    Floor Coverings Designs Inspired by Nature


    taking influence from the outside world

  • Flotex Mac Stopa_360005F stripes

    Flotex FR by Mac Stopa

    New Flotex FR designs

    Created by Mac Stopa

    This Created by collection is inspired by Mac Stopa's experiences, observations and fascinations in various fields of design. In collaboration with Forbo Flooring, his ideas were visualised using high definition printing techniques.

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  • The Flowerbed

    The Power of the Flower

    design trends

    Flotex Vision FR design

    Flowers in interior design can have an effect on our mood, health, and well-being. This, in particular, has inspired the Forbo design team to create a new range of printed patterns for Flotex FR.

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  • Coral Marine FR

    Protecting interior floor coverings and finishes

    Coral Marine FR

    Entrance flooring systems play a critical safety role in modern life in all types of areas including marine applications.

    Entrance flooring is fundamental to modern marine vessel design as it has a critical safety role to play. Slips, trips and falls make up a lot of all reported major injuries. By taking sensible decisions over flooring surfaces and installing effective entrance matting, the potential for slipping can be dramatically reduced.

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  • Flotex FR- natural blend

    New Flotex FR designs

    A discussion with Sarah Oldfield

    Designer and Custom Digital Print Specialist at Forbo Flooring Systems discuss inspiration for the new designs

    We sit down with Sarah Oldfield, Designer and Custom Digital Print Specialist, who talks us through the new additions to the Flotex FR collection.

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  • Jason Holmes

    Design Freedom with Flotex FR

    An Interview with Jason Holmes

    A discussion on design trends and the freedom that comes with Flotex FR

    Jason Holmes, Head of Design Textiles for Forbo Flooring Systems, sat down to discuss design trends within the Marine segment and why Flotex FR lends itself very well to the segment due to the design freedom it offers.

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  • Flotex FR Marine_Corridor

    Importance of acoustics

    Reducing impact sound

    The importance of acoustics when designing for cruise ships

    Béatrice Balle Coureau, Product Manager Flotex at Forbo Flooring Systems, discusses the issue of noise and details how it can be controlled with the correct floor covering specifications within cruise-liner environments.

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  • Floors created by José Medina Galeote

    Created by Galeote

    New Flotex FR designs

    Created by Galeote, new Flotex FR designs

    José’s unique signature is based on hand made drawings and paintings with a very characteristic trait and a calligraphic touch. His style is abstract, graphical, hand-made, playful and full of storytelling. In his work is tells the story of everyday life, encouraging the viewer to reflect on the society in which we live.

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Bus & Coach

Bus & Coach Blogs

  • Bus & Coach

    Reduce slips and trips

    Bus & coach vehicles

    Reducing slips and trips on vehicles

    Reducing accidental slips and falls by passengers is an important consideration for bus and coach providers. Thankfully, there are modern, commercial safety flooring solutions that can help with this and provide guaranteed lifetime slip resistance. Emily Hancock, Marketing Coordinator, International Key Accounts, at Forbo Flooring Systems explains further.

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