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Bespoke Designed floor coverings

Flotex FR bespoke design | Forbo Flooring Systems

Create your own masterpiece using Forbo Flooring Systems' custom design service. Our team of experienced designers is ready to assist you at any stage of the design process, tailoring their involvement to meet your specific needs. Whether you seek guidance in developing initial design concepts or require assistance in finalising digital visuals that you've already created, our design experts are here to bring your vision to life.

Forbo understands that some floors need a design statement with a personal touch, bespoke design is possible with Flotex FR and Coral Move Vision FR.

When it comes to crafting extraordinary rail interiors, we understand that your imagination knows no bounds. Whether you envision captivating photographic designs, captivating large-scale pattern repeats, or intricate non-linear designs, we possess the products and expertise to transform your vision into reality. Our aim is to design floor coverings that seamlessly blend with the interior design scheme of the train and leaves a lasting impression.

Flotex FR bespoke | Forbo Flooring Systems

Flotex FR

Experience the unparalleled combination of resilience, comfort, slip-resistance, and acoustic properties with Flotex FR, a distinctive textile flocked floor covering. Featuring an astonishing 70 million fibres per square meter, Flotex FR provides a high-density substrate for printing, allowing for vibrant designs and true-to-life visuals in high-level photographic resolutions.

Choose from our extensive collection, which includes Flotex Colour FR, featuring rotary-printed semi-plain designs, and Flotex Vision FR, boasting high-definition digitally printed designs. With over 700 references to explore, you're sure to find the perfect match for your interior scheme. Customise the colourways of our designs to suit your individual aesthetic, or embark on an artistic journey and create your very own Flotex Vision FR masterpiece. Our bespoke design service, complemented by high-definition print technology, allows for larger-scale pattern repeats and vivid, lifelike colours, granting you the ultimate design flexibility.

Coral Move Vision FR

Elevate your rail interiors with Coral Move Vision FR, a luxurious made-to-order premium cut pile carpet solution. This floor covering offers a perfect blend of aesthetic styling, durability, and long-lasting appearance retention, ensuring its resilience in heavily trafficked carriage interiors.

Our dedicated design team will guide you through the customisation process, recommending either a tufted (Coral Move FR) or a digitally printed (Coral Move Vision FR) solution based on your desired aesthetic.

With Coral Move FR, you have the freedom to tailor the tufted design specification to achieve the desired aesthetic. Choose from a wide selection of yarn colourways, and rest assured that custom colours can be matched to NCS, RAL, or Pantone references to suit your specific requirements.

Bespoke design

Alternatively, Coral Move Vision FR embraces the digital printing process, offering limitless customization possibilities in terms of design and color. Whether you desire non-linear designs, intricate colorways, or the inclusion of your logo, our digital printing expertise ensures an unrivaled level of detail and precision.

inlays | Forbo Flooring Systems

Cut to shape & size

Forbo recognises that sometimes you may wish to create something totally unique, perhaps something specific to a particular project, such as signage to facilitate the restrictions and safety guidelines within the train. Whatever may be required, our in-house design team has skills and experience to turn ideas into reality.

From an initial concept, detailed drawing, or computer file, the design team will prepare a flooring design that is transferred electronically to the cutting machines. These computer-controlled machines represent state-of-the-art cutting technology and produce precision cut items, accurate to a fraction of a millimetre.

The pattern is inlaid and, importantly, retains all the performance characteristics of the original product. Whether it is a complete rail layout in floor covering, a company logo, signage or thematic design, the possibilities are limitless.