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Coral Marine FR

Protecting interior floor coverings and finishes

Coral Marine FR  | Forbo Flooring Systems

Entrance flooring is fundamental to modern marine vessel design as it has a critical safety role to play. Slips, trips and falls make up a lot of all reported major injuries. By taking sensible decisions over flooring surfaces and installing effective entrance matting, the potential for slipping can be dramatically reduced. Moreover, wet and dry soiling brought on board on the soles of shoes and the tyres of wheeled traffic, can make interiors look dirty and unattractive and cause structural damage to interior floor coverings and finishes.

Why use Entrance Flooring on cruise ships & ferries?

Entrance flooring systems play a critical safety role in modern life in all types of areas including marine applications.

While dry or wet soiling can create slip hazards, looking sensibly at flooring surfaces and installing effective entrance matting means the potential for slipping can be reduced dramatically.

Effective entrance matting will also reduce onboard cleaning and maintenance costs, as well as prolong the life of all other interior floor coverings and finishes.

Coral Marine FR  | Forbo Flooring Systems

Coral Marine FR is an IMO/MED certified textile entrance system. A cut pile floor covering consisting of 60% wool and 40% Nylon. The ideal choice, simultaneously absorbing moisture and removing dry soiling. Coral Marine FR delivers superior performance in even the toughest environments. Whether facing rain, snow, sand, or soil, it keeps the outside from getting inside.

Where should I use Coral Marine FR?

If you really want to keep your vessel clean and safe, it’s not enough to throw down a mat at the door. In fact, such mats can introduce additional hazards and are not always very effective.

Creating an effective entrance flooring system involves thinking about footfall – the number of people walking in and out in a given period – and walking routes (the directions they take once inside) and applying that information in the design of the entrance area. One of the best ways to plan an entrance flooring system is to think in applications:

Application 1: Outside use – external to the ship (Nuway)
Any matting placed outside the entrance of the ship is the first line of defence against foot-borne soil, scraping the coarsest dirt from the soles of shoes before they cross the threshold. This could be at the start of the gangway or at the entrance to the terminal building before boarding.

Application 2: Inside use (Coral Marine FR)
Moving inside, the next line of defence is used to remove foot-borne moisture and finer dirt particles.

Application 3: Other circulation areas (Coral Marine FR)
Other areas of the building also suffer from soil and moisture; reception areas, corridors, walkways, elevators, staircase exits, etc. All these areas will be prone to residual soiling and will benefit highly from a purposely designed Coral Marine FR entrance mat to absorb this soiling.

Choosing the right entrance system

Just having a mat behind the door is not enough. People often do not stop to wipe their feet, so a good entrance flooring system has to do its job. A Coral entrance system that takes different zones into account can stop up to 95% of walked in dirt and moisture from reaching your vessels internal floorcoverings and finishes.

A functional entrance flooring system is chosen based on the location(s) that the vessel will dock (determines type of dirt), the amount and frequency of footfall (how many people walk on it), and the type of entrance area onto the vessel (large, small, inside, outside). Your entrance flooring can already start outside and continue all the way to the reception area.

Coral Marine FR  | Forbo Flooring Systems
Coral Marine FR  | Forbo Flooring Systems

Coral Marine FR

Coming in a range of contemporary colours to suit all onboard interior designs Coral Marine FR has a purpose onboard any marine vessel big or small. Coral Marine FR can be used with confidence on cruise liners, passenger ferries, yachts, charter boats, work boats or any other seagoing vessels and offshore applications.


• Stops up to 95% of walked in dirt and moisture
• High moisture absorption
• Excellent dirt storage/soil hiding
• Durable construction: using a 60% wool/40% nylon mix
• PVC and phthalate free
• Advanced colouring and choice
• Available in roll format. It can be trimmed easily either within the factory or on site to fit the required area(s)
• All references stocked for quick delivery
• Reduces cleaning costs and prolongs the lifetime of on board floor finishes and coverings

Coral Marine FR  | Forbo Flooring Systems

Coral Marine FR & the environment

100% green electricity from renewable sources
Of all the electricity we buy, 100% comes from renewable sources. This means our Coral production site is part of an effective environmental management system and has achieved ISO 14001 certification.

Zero landfill
Virtually zero landfill is achieved by the Coral manufacturing plant

Re-use waste
All the waste yarn from the Coral production is re-used by the yarn supplier. Our search for new ways to reduce our environmental impact has led us to work very closely with forward thinking suppliers who are able to incorporate ever higher levels of recycled content in their materials.