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New surface finish for Marmoleum FR²

April, 2022

Marmoleum FR2 |  blue shimmer | Forbo Flooring Systems

Introducing Topshield pro, a new surface finish for Marmoleum FR² and Striato FR
What makes these floor coverings really stand out is the fact that they are created using a high percentage of natural raw materials, with renewable and recycled content. Independently confirmed as CO₂ neutral, cradle to gate, without the need for offsetting. Now with even greater protection with Topshield pro surface finish.

The core of an improved surface finish

Our floor finish has the unique characteristic that it works with a two-layer system and therefore can be repaired or refreshed in cases of accidents or after years of use. This subscribes to the long-lasting performance over time. It has been designed to create a ‘ready to use’ floor that requires no initial maintenance or polymer application.

A two-layer system is the norm in many industries to get superior performance. When painting wood or metal, a primer is first used to secure durability. The Topshield pro primer bonds with the linoleum surface, creating an initial protection layer. The second layer of Topshield pro is applied to create function where it belongs giving a tough scratch-resistant and dirt-repellent finish layer.

Marmoleum FR2 - Topshield pro | Forbo Flooring Systems
Marmoleum FR2 topshield pro | Forbo Flooring Systems

A stronger floor

Marmoleum FR² and Striato FR with Topshield pro are the ultimate flooring coverings in many ways. The improved surface finish, developed with the latest technologies and based on our years of experience, keeps the appearance for longer and makes it smoother for easier cleaning. With the latest innovative step from Topshield2 to Topshield pro, we can proudly say that Marmoleum FR² and Striato FR are the best natural floors.

Better lasting wear performance

In our wear test, we discovered that sanding Topshield2 50 times gave the same result as sanding Topshield pro 150 times. This shows a 3x better performance.

Our thicker surface finish makes Marmoleum FR² and Striato FR even more resistant to wear, ensuring a great design appearance for longer and reducing the life cycle costs. It is the ideal solution for heavy traffic rail vehicles. Topshield2 was already good but Topshield pro is even better.

Better stain resistance

As the world is changing we evolve our product as well, raising the bar each time. For example, we see wide use of hand sanitisers. Traditionally this is tested for periods of 30 minutes and 2 hours, we went further and developed our product testing for 24 hours and 96 hours of exposure. Several brands of hand sanitisers are used. After cleaning, Marmoleum FR² and Striato FR with Topshield pro did not show any remaining stains.

Better cleaning and maintenance

The innovative application and the improved smooth surface of Marmoleum FR² and Striato FR with Topshield pro secures uniform and consistent protection for your rail vehicles. This results in the surface having less dirt build-up and is easier to clean and maintain.

Marmoleum FR2 | Forbo Flooring Systems

Why choose Marmoleum FR² and Striato FR with Topshield pro?

✔ Has a proven performance - Installed on many rail vehicles all over the world
✔ Is health-consciousness – Marmoleum FR² and Striato FR with Topshield pro has anti-viral properties, is bacteriostatic, allergy proof, has low emissions, is eco and human toxic-free and plastic-free
✔ Contains no chemicals
✔ Is resistant to water even during long exposure, without the need for welding
✔ Has superior hygiene properties - On the surface of Marmoleum bacteria like MRSA cannot grow and the smooth surface also makes it easy to keep clean
✔ Is durable and has a great appearance – The hard-wearing and smooth surface ensures that the floor is easy to clean